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  1. Never take Algebra 2 Honors and Chemistry Honors together unless you're really good at math. It'll do wonders. I committed a grave school sin last night- procrastination. I told myself I'd be able to finish everything else today in the morning but I didn't. 30 chemistry questions and Algebra 2 questions in counting- probably around 20 or so. I think I'm starting to believe that everything's cool, that I can just do what I remember in the morning just because it's so much work. I feel so overwhlemed because I'm such a terrible procrastinator.

    Procrastination doesn't do anything for me, it doesn't push me to get stuff done at the last minute like for some people, it only reigns in putting off my homework because I'm already wishing this semester was over and that I didn't have to do Summer A. I just feel so overwhelmed by everything. I know, I should focus on one thing at a time and get to the root of that problem before moving on but my impatience on seeing the psychologist is just making me paranoid. I just want to see the guy/girl and waiting for an appointment to be made (and the angst that comes with hoping it will be done before the end of this month because my Dad's going on a business trip for about a week) is just depressing but not really depressing.

    I just want to know that I'm getting help, that it's actually getting done. I just want to know that everything will be better, that my life will be better with help.

    But I feel like it's never gonna happen if I don't see the psychologist, if I don't know when the appointment is going to be.
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  2. That can be an issue with stuff like Psychologist, they get so much people looking for help that wait times/wait lists start to pile up. :/

    Though finding another release in the mean time (like this rant page) is probably the next best thing to do in the meantime.
    Good luck, hopefully you get a set date soon and things will start to pick up. :)
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  3. @chainedfiction

    If you need help with high-school level math, I can try to help if you want to shoot me a PM sometime. I can help with everything up to, and including Calculus 2 (Calc BC).

    Except Trigonometry. Fuck that.
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  4. *raises hand* I for one did pretty well in high school trig if you want to ask me stuff. o3o
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  5. @Kaga-kun Haha okay~ xD If I ever have to do Trigonometry for an English major, I'll come to you~ xD
  6. I'd also offer to help with Math.

    But it was starting at Grade 10 math where my grades for it slipped from A's to C's...
    And it having been several years since High School my skills at that stuff are probably really rusty and missing of info. :/

    Well, the offer to help is out there anyways.
    Just note I probably wouldn't be able to help as much as Kaga or Fatal could.
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