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  1. I'm no newbie to roleplaying. I've roleplayed regularly before on other forums and have always been fond of creative writing. I'm currently a finance major in University and spend my time reading dry material or looking over financial data and doing financial security analysis. I like it but it doesn't really stimulate my creative side.
  2. Welcome! Doubt your intelligence on finances will help you write roleplays- but hey? Who knows? Maybe you'll create a character who's an accountant :3
  3. Hey I'm a newbie here as well as you hopefully sometime you and me can do some roleplaying okay :)
  4. Financing! That could come handy in a rp!

    Oh! You can call me Vanille, welcome to the community!
  5. YAY. A second vicitm of the day.

    Hiya. I'm D'evil, the friendly neighborhood daemon. And you shall be my victim. If you have questions, comments, concers, ideas, need an invite. Don't hesitate to ask. I like my victims to be happy.
  6. Hey there newbie, welcome to iWaku. Hope you have a great time! :foxenthralled:
  7. Hello guy in a potentially boring job. 8D Roleplaying is JUST the thing for you indeed! Plaaay, plaaay with us.