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Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Evianne, May 15, 2012.

  1. I'm fairly new to both RP and forums. :x Any tips/advice?
  2. Well! Let me first direct you to the Academy . In that group you can request a mentor to help you with roleplaying as well as various writing exercises that can also help you improve ^.^

    From there you could check out Roleplay 101 then try your hand at Jump-in roleplays -nods-

    Well, I'm Celest! Feel free to ask my any question. I'm normally around.
  3. Thank you! ^-^
  4. Hello Evianne, and welcome to Iwaku!

    I'm Selenite, pleased to meet you!
    Tetsu and Celest already gave you awesome links to check out...
    Other than that all I may say is just relax, look at what others do and let your creativity flow!

    Here, have a cookie whilst you get inspiration from your muse!
  5. I love your name, Evianne. O__O I think I am going to steal it for a character one day.

    Also, welcome to the community! <3
  6. Oh hello there and welcome to Iwaku! I am Doxa and if you happen to need any help please ask!
  7. Tetsu and Celest beat me to it again -_-, SOOOO all I can say is welcome to the roleplays
  8. Why hello there! Welcome to Iwaku!

    Hope to see you around soon!
  9. Haha, thanks and nice to meet you too!
  10. What? Juku didn't post in purple? Scary stuff...

    Welcome to Iwaku, Evi~ I understand you're new to role playing and stuff, but we have lots of newb approved role plays in the
    Jump In Thread. This is where you can role play with other players without submitting a bio or signing up! The Academy, like Celest gave you, is also a perfect way to start things off!

    If you need any help navigating around the forums or something else in General, give us Blue people a shout! :D
  11. Alright! Yay blue people! :D