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  1. Does anyone know of some good rps that are just starting or have recently started out.
  2. We have a newer member, Adrias, that just started a jump in roleplay; you can check that out here. Other than that you could check out the sign ups to see what groups are starting; you could even start your own. If you aren't big into groups then feel free to post a one on one request ^.^

    Welcome to Iwaku!!
  3. Welcome to Iwaku! as Celest said, there are some jump-in rp's that you don't need to anything to join!
  4. yo welcome to Iwaku If you're looking for Rps that havent started or just barely started, check the date that the threads were made in.
    ...that is all...
  5. Welcome to Iwaku dear! Since your question has been answered already I am just going to introduce myself. You can call me Rain/Rina/Raimy and if there is more you need then just ask again!
  6. I'm Cammy, the Official Iwaku Pet! I welcome you into my blankie nest :)
  7. Hey there! ^_^

    I hope you find just what you're looking for but before you go rushing off to join roleplays, why not tell us a bit about yourself? Hobbies, favorites, genre of roleplay you prefer, etc. We're always interested in those whom join Iwaku, not just as a roleplayer, but as a person and a potential friend as well.
  8. One turn's the knob of brass.
    A single bird, soon to mass.

    The old one knows this song well.
    And wishes her luck; in frigid hell.

    For words like frost, decorate the scene.
    An illusion of peace; a delusion serene.

    So like glass, the frost does stain.
    For soon she too; will wilt in pain.

    For by my hand winter is wrought.
    It's venomous kiss; is far from naught.

    So know now this you bird of old.
    Nevermore will you know; a spring so bold.

  9. ....Not...sure what Ulfric is talking about but....


    Those peeps gave you great links and stuff! Use em! USE EM. O__O


    ...everyone else already gave you advice. .__.

    JumpIN rps are awesome. 8D


  12. I just joined too
  13. I just joined three
  14. Some great links above. I would suggest you use them.