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  1. ...It's going to be a long one, isn't it?

    For a couple of years, I've been swimming in limbo. I was 15, had a lot of projects, a lot of long-term role-plays that I couldn't manage, and not enough muse to see it through. So, for a time, I avoided the role-playing scene entirely, and during that time got swamped in school work, pulled out to take care of some personal agendas. After that train wreck, I twiddled my thumbs in purgatory for awhile before I finally felt like touching the writing scene again. I was already writing up a couple stories, so why not expand them? With friends I played a few rounds of private topics on other forums - was terrible enough to make eyes water - and now I've made it to at least a decent state where I can start showing my face in public again.

    Most of my old forums have either died, been swarmed in spam-bots or have had their servers taken down. This seemed like the best place, with a really neat looking community and not to mention some interesting plots that, theoretically, would draw a lurker towards that little sign-up button. So... yeah. That's pretty much all I have to say.

    It's time for a fresh start about... now, sounds good?

    Some things to know is that I'm Canadian, I'm into science-fiction, comic books and video games. Probably easy to tell what I like and dislike, judging from the name. Any fellow Mass Effect fans around?

    In a nutshell, if you're looking for a casual role-play partner who has had experience in the past and a lot of time on her hands, I could be of interest. Hit me with science fiction ideas, and I'm probably bound to join. See you in the forums.

    Thanks for reading,
    N I H L U S
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  2. Welcome to Iwaku, Nihlus! I hope your Muse and you like it here. We've got a lot of casual roleplayers! Remember to check out the Jump-ins if you're looking for a quickie group roleplay and if you're looking for a one-on-one, that section is always hopping! Don't forget the sci-fi section since you're a fan! I don't really know what Mass Effect is (a video game, maybe?) but I'm sure there's plenty of fans here because there's lots of people!

    May the Muse be with you and Merry Winterdays!
  3. Welcome to Iwaku : )

    I'm October nice to meet you.
  4. Thank you Tribs. My Muse and I are more than ready; It's high time to get back into the role-playing community. The Jump-In and Science-Fiction categories sound perfect, thanks a ton. I'll be looking into them.

    And yes, Mass Effect is a video game. It's probably my favorite series. Hopefully I can find some people who'd be interested to try a topic based on it? Anyway, I hope your Muse and you have a fantastic Winterday.

    And thank you October. It's nice to meet you too.