Just if Anyone is Interested...


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Just felt like roleplaying recently, hopefully after I explain some stuff peeps will be interested in joining me.

Looking for:
Two to three people being comfortable with a polyamorous relationship. Since i will be a male role I'm looking for either:

  • two more girls and a guy
  • one girl and guy
  • two more guys and a girl
  • All guys
  • three more girls (If anyone really wants that idk)

Not much to it, just a couple of teenagers, college students or a mixture of both, living out life with each other while dealing with school and possibly drama?

No drastic age differences
  • I'm cool with them being five years apart, but no lower then that, no one under 17 should be here.
Include everyone
  • This will be my first time doing a poly romance, so i'll be doing my best to keep everyone in the loop and engaged, please try and do the same? If a person is not present for the day and others are on, it's fine to continue without them, just don't completely forget about them when they come back.
No Rape
  • Please do not, I'm not into the mess.
Inform me
  • If you want to participate, shoot me a massage and i'll go over anything you are curious about or want to know before hand tomorrow, before we start rping