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    What are you like first thing in the morning - fresh as a daisy or washed out and grumpy?
    Are you typically a morning person? What time do you have to wake up in the morning?
  2. I am not a morning person, no matter if I go to bed early or late I always have a hard time leaving my bed. It's just so comfy especially now in winter when the air is chilly even inside and staying in bed is much more alluring:) I wouldn't sya I'm grumpy though, just blurry sighted for a few minutes, even when I put on my glasses and since I don't drink coffee I wake up by moving aound or taking my dogs outside.
  3. I am an asshole first thing in the morning. Granted, most days I wake up at 4:30-5 o'clock. Even on weekends when I can sleep in I'm grumpy whether the kids wake me up or I wake up naturally.
  4. I sleepy and grumpy.
  5. I sleep with the mentality that I'm already five minutes late for *something* ...so when my alarm goes off, it's none of that slapping of the snooze button... it's me rushing my butt to the shower.

    The rest of my morning? The lower the amount of coffee in my blood stream, the worse it tends to be on anyone around me. Coffeeeee...
  6. Morning person! Probably not up and smiling, but so long as I'm waking up on my own or for school/work I am in a decent mood. I instantly start working on something, typically this involves getting on the computer and then getting ready for the day.
  7. I can't do mornings. Ever since I was born, I've hated them. My mom tells me that when we had appointments, she'd have to wake me up an hour earlier than usual so I could spend that hour crying. ><; Apparently I couldn't get through those mornings without first expressing my sadness and hatred...

    To this day, I need that extra hour. When I'm in classes or have a job, I've got to get myself up earlier so I can spend that extra time feeling like shit. Nothing can make me feel better. Not even coffee. Also, I'm a nightowl big time. My regular sleeping schedule is 3-4 AM to about noon. I'm still cranky when I wake, but the fact it's afternoon makes it easier to deal with.
  8. I am not a morning person, when I have to get up early then I am like a zombie for hours xD I could seriously eat a brain just because I don't see the difference between it and a bread xD

    Since I don't have anything to do during the days now a days I am sleeping until eleven and I still don't feel like I have slept enough xD I am trying to get up at eight but it doesn't work if I don't have to be somewhere xD

    I like being awake during the night, that's when my brain becomes the most creative and active :9
  9. Sleeping late makes me grumpy :(
    At the same time I get so tired in the morning and I'm really brainy during the late hours (21:00 - 2:AM). Which is a real bitch since I prefer getting up early.
    I guess you could say my relationship to this whole topic is unsymbiotic.
  10. I need Coffee, and I'm not talking about Asmo's heterosexual life partner.
  11. One day he will be mine.

    I'm the most despicable nihilist mysanthropic cunt in the morning, and Tegan's really happy and bouncy, which makes me more of a mysanthropic cunt.
  12. When I'm awake, I'm awake. I never get enough sleep to be well-rested, since I typically wake up at least an hour before my alarm clock (stupid body), but I'm always able to function in a manner I've dubbed "normal." I don't know if that makes me a morning person or not, but I don't need coffee to get me up, or anything else for that matter.
  13. I did not think someone had similar sleeping habits as me, I go asleep very late, no matter if I'm dead tired I can't seem to fall asleep until after 3 AM and I usually wake up at noon as well. Then I have such a bad consience for sleeping late>.<
  14. I set two alarms. One on my iphone that plays a random song, the other is on my comp and is the intro to a Panzerchrist song.

    I wake up, immediately get out of bed, turn all the lights on and get my brain working. Can't stand to be in that in between state, all or nothing! I have enough trouble sleeping as it is > <

    Also, not by choice, I am a morning person. I have to be for my life to work. If I had it my way I would totally live a graveyard shift, sleep all day, up all night.
  15. Recently, I have become more of a morning person because of college stuff and the fact that I now know how much sleep I need. I am still a bit grumpy and sleepy when I wake up, though, but at least I wake up easily most of the time. Given the choice, though, I would rather sleep in. When I wake up, though, I rarely fall asleep again, which can get annoying sometimes.
  16. Depends on my mood when I go
    to sleep or how I wake up. If I got time
    to sort of let my mind and body wake up
    and drift for a moment or too, then I can
    wake up with my cup of coffee and moment of peace.

    If I sleep like shit, a in and out kinda drift with
    no deep sleep or dream time. Then just stay out
    of my way to the coffee pot....
  17. When it comes to needing to get up for a purpose (class, work, etc.) I'm right on it, up and ready to go in fifteen minutes without any help outside of my cell phone alarm. I do tend to still be drowsy and I guess according to others, I seem sad or unhappy but that's just me being sleepy.
    All other times, I like to wake up just when it feels like a good time to wake up. I'll wake up on my own generally and be a bit sluggish on days that I have no commitment.

    For classes, I wake up around eight thirty and for work, I wake up wheneverthefuck-aboutanhourbeforework.
  18. Is that a metric unit of measurement? :P
  19. Yes, yes it is.
    I think it's pretty much the standard time that people wake up for work, actually.