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  1. Hey people so I've noticed that there are like ice and fire and there could be more I was just wondering what it meant? If amyone knows
  2. It doesn't really mean anything; just a silly selection that changes every few weeks. It used to be Fantasy / Romance / Top Hats, and before that it was Angel Diana / Demon Vay / Hamster Rory.

    Not entirely sure why it's there, to be honest.
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  3. Thanks it was annoying me because I didn't know what it was
  4. That's residual from an old site change! Once, that particular slot was what you selected to mark your gender, when you joined up, and it affected what your avatar looked like. After a site update, however, they got a new selection for marking gender, but the previous one had to stay because of its connection to the avatar, I believe. Since they didn't need the gender anymore, they just made it something silly and fun. It changes every couple of months! :)
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