Just Another Day in Ponyville

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  1. Ponyville. Just a small unassuming village nestled near the eastern edge of the Everfree Forest. Most ponies think that there's nothing interesting going on here...They couldn't be more wrong.

    There's always something happening, EVERYDAY! Whether it's the Cutie Mark Crusaders' antics to earn their cutiemarks to some crazy mission undertaken by the Element Bearers.

    Yes...The Bearers of the Elements of Harmony live in Ponyville.

    So yeah, life in Ponyville is interesting to say the least...
  2. On western side of Ponyville, there sits a quaint little floar shop, owned by a quaint little Earth pony named Sweetgrass. Her peach-colored coat contrasted rather nicely to her strawberry red mane and tail. It wasn't unusual for many of the colts and some of the older stallions catching themselves staring at her, espically when she happened to tuck a flower into her mane, which was quite often.

    This morning, Sweetgrass had just finished tending to the flowers that filled the air with a sweet fragrance.
  3. Taking in a greatful whiff, Sweetgrass trotted to the front door of her shop, which also was her home (Many homes throughout Ponyville were the same way), and unlocked it. Pausing a moment to flip the sign to 'OPEN', Sweetgrass adjusted the red lilly blossom in the mane and smile. Today was going to be a good day.
  4. The small town of Ponyville was filled with commotion and cheerful faces. Pony's alike were getting ready for the season of summer, wish meant everypony was busy. Shops galore were putting on a sale, it seemed like every-other happy day. Except, it seemed it was a different happy day, a new residence was moving in. A lilac unicorn with a brown short mane trots through the town, wagon at her back, filled with trinkets, maps, and other odd knickknacks it could carry. Her eyes were that of a pastel-ish green. The mare's cutie-mark was that of a compass. A compass could mean many things. Maybe she is an explorere, maybe she is good at her geography... Or maybe she knows her north, south, east, west very well. Either way, it caused some ponies more cheer, curiosity to the new face.

    "Howdy!" a passerby greeted, the pony just smiled in response carrying on.
    Small ponies passed by her in mischief and greeted, she did not say anything, but greet with a smile. They began following her, inspecting the cart and it's creaking wheels.

    "Hi, I'm Sweetie Belle!"a little pony exclaimed, trotting beside the stranger. Two other little ponies trotted up to her side, introducing themselves as well. One named Scootaloo, and the other named Apple Bloom. The stranger just nodded and kept quite, as if scared to mention a peep. Shyness if that.

    "So, what's your name? Where'd you come from?" the little Pegasus asked, the others agreeing with the question. The stranger stopped in her pace and looked around, for she felt it was appropriate to introduce herself since they seemed interested.

    "I'm Jewel Treasure"