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  1. [BCOLOR=transparent]A yawn. A stretch. The thin woman awoke near noon. She set her alarm to accommodate the time change, but the damn thing went off so many times she turned it off, allowing herself to sleep in as long as she desired. Both body and mind were exhausted; so much work, waking up early to make deadlines - projects that were eventually declined and given to another. Evelyn was thoroughly exhausted and, knowing her father, would be allowed to sleep in as late as she wanted. Another stretch and she got to her feet, lazily making her way to the bathroom to get ready for the day.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]An hour later Evelyn was dressed in the same clothes she fell asleep in, finding none of the clothes packed in her suitcase, courtesy of her friends, suitable for the conditions she would be wandering in. A shopping trip was a necessity, she can’t go wandering around in her designer boots after all, it would ruin them. Clad in the black leather leggings she wore the previous night, the tank top she wore under the sweater she wore on the plane, and black motorcycle boots, Evelyn wandered out of the bathroom with a flustered face, less than thrilled with her friends. Why would they send her back home with nothing suitable to wear? And why did they make a point to pack some fancy lingerie with a note that read ‘For that sexy cowboy you meet ;)’. On the bright side, her makeup was applied flawlessly, at least that would give her some confidence. Now, to find her father.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]The woman meandered out of the little ranch house with two apples in hand, trudging through the ranch and to the fields, where her father claimed he would be last night. Despite how much she loathed the animals - the smell - Evelyn loved her father. After her mother died when she was a little girl, there was no one else to cling to as she was an only child. And while she may have struck it rich with her dad, she did not enjoy doing the work he told her to do. As she neared the field a smile tilted her lips, looking forward to seeing her dad and the shopping trip she planned to do after seeing him. [/BCOLOR]​
  2. With a twist and a loud thunk his boots came of as the smell of fresh air brushed over his bare chest. The sun glimmering upon the soft hewn of his herd's fur. Daisy lazily chewed her cud as she stood within fly swatting distance of Oliver. His hands splashed the old heffer in attempt to get the woman to cool off before he dropped his pants to keep them from getting anymore wet then they already were. It was these simple things that he enjoyed the most. His arms stretched out for a long moment to loosen the knots in his back from another early morning in the corn. "What do you say girl? Another warm one?" Oliver asked Daisy as she bowed her head to drink from the creek. The little pond that was made from so many cows laying pathways for the water to travel.

    He was very thankful for what his boss had given him. The cracks in his hand paying tribute to years of working the land along side boss, as he called him. Daisy gave him a sudden shove as she went for more water sending the chiseled man into the small pond, laughing as he came up.
    "Oh is that how you want to play it Daisy?" Oliver said taking a running start to push the heifer into the water herself. It wasn't long before the heifer just laid down despite the human's attempt.

    Oliver sighed softly smiling at the others in the herd before taking a moment to roll in the water himself, the coolness washing away the sweat and dirt that always seemed to cake his body. How he wished for the moment to never end.
    For a moment he sat up to glance on the horizon seeing a figure walk forward, it had to be Boss walking in the dramatic effect of the sun like he always did.
    He rose quickly to greet him before realizing that he was lacking that which he called pants attempting to quickly cover up his manhood.
  3. Jonathan Watson was a strong man in his early fifties. Short, just a few inches taller than Ev’s five foot four inch self, he was still as intimidating as ever. He had a body coiled with muscle gained from his years on the ranch and a nasty scar running down his left cheek from an incident with a barbwire fence years ago. His hair was pitch black with a light, whimsical grey peppered through, styled in a messy way and most often hidden under a wide hat that kept the sun off his head and neck. Even in the southern heat he always wore a long sleeve button down shirt tucked into old blue jeans that were tucked into old boots, securing his pants to his waist was a brown leather belt with the ranch’s insignia on the metal emblem - which he wore with pride wherever he went; a belt that Evelyn had an exact copy of in a box in her closet at the ranch.

    The closer she got to the field she could see a figure in the pond with one of the cows, no doubt helping her escape the heat. Thinking it was merely her dad with his shirt off Evelyn’s pace quickened, a bright smile on her face. Much to her surprise, the figure wasn’t her father, but some guy. A hot, chiseled, sweaty, utterly naked, cowboy. Pearly white teeth captured a plump bottom lip as her bright blue eyes shamelessly wandered over his exposed self. She was just about to say something extremely flirtatious when a voice sounded from behind her.

    “Mornin’, Evie. Sleep good, did ya?”

    The low rumble of her father’s voice tickled her ears. Blue eyes snapped away from the naked man and she whirled around to face her father. “Dad! I was lookin’ for you.” Quick to recover she jumped to him, wrapping her arms around his neck in a tight hug, that southern twang still apparent in her voice. The high arches of her cheek bones were painted in a light pink, and as she pulled away she put one of the two apples in his hand. “Here. Brought you an apple.” Because she assumed she would only see her father, Evelyn only brought two apples, one for herself and one for her dad; however she felt compelled to pay back the wet cowboy for the little peek she got, so she turned and tossed the other apple to him, giving him a quick wink before turning back to her father. “I was planning on going shopping for clothes. My friends didn’t pack appropriate clothes.”

    The older man nodded his head, taking a gracious bite out of the apple before bringing his daughter close and plopping a loud ‘smooch’ on her forehead. “Of course..” A pause from the man as his eyes trailed to the naked cowboy, narrowed to show his disapproval of the man’s nudity. “Oliver will take you: the car’s broken and I know how you hate drivin’ that old truck.”

    Evelyn’s blue eyes drifted over to the cowboy in the water - Oliver - and her tongue dashed over her lips. “You don’t mind, do you?” She asked him, though it was her father who answered.

    “Of course he doesn’t mind. He’ll take you.”
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