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First of all I only want one partner; I'm not taking on a ton of stuff this time.

It's a Teacher/Student idea; not it's not smut or even remotely smut related. It was inspired by a song. (Romantic or not idk it'll be up to us.) There's actually a couple of ideas I have. So if you're willing to try this out go ahead and read the next two (maybe 3 paragraphs) Each one is a different base idea.

The teacher is a genius that skipped high school and went straight to college, where they earned a degree in some sort of academics in 2 years, meaning the student and teacher would be the same age and had known each other since they were kids. Here's the kicker(and is like the main trait of the teacher) the teacher is awful and ignores their old friend, this causes conflict and drama (and this is the main idea behind all the things; or it could be reversed and the student is the jerk.) Anyway, this is kinda general backstory for the idea. Teacher thinks they're better than student, general drama and conflict ensues.

The student got into a major accident that put him/her into a coma for 4 years; the teacher is older than them and was starting college at the time of the accident, so the teacher finishes college and becomes a high school teacher, student wakes up, goes to the school, they meet again; in this scenario the student is the jerk; it can either be partially the teacher's fault s/he got into the accident, or they're just bitter that they moved on with their life even though the student was in a coma.

The teacher is much older than the student, ahead of him/her in school, goes to college and the student's senior year he/she gets their long lost friend as their teacher. Teacher treats the student like a little brat and generally keeps their distance, causing conflict with the student. Student tries to prove themself to the teacher but this just causes more fights, again general drama. (Yes it's drama-ish...but it's something I wanna do.)

It's the first time in a couple months I've WANTED an RP partner and I didn't wanna just ask one of my skype friends so I made a post here on Iwaku, if you want to try this with me PM me okay? Also I would rather do any RP I do via PM, just my preference. I'll also ask you have patience with me as I may respond slow so as not to kill myself with RPs again. These are the only stipulations and requirements I have, a bit of patience and a bit of working with me.
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