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  1. I've come up with an idea that can be either a One x One roleplay or a group roleplay. Personally I see it better as a One x One, but what do you think?

    This is also an idea that I am making into a book. I just like to make a roleplay version of my stories too since I enjoy seeing what someone else can bring into them.

    (PS. I'm sorry that it's so long > < . I just kept feeling like I needed to add more info for you guys.)

    The two main characters are the best of friends. One a princess and the other just a simple commoner (female). The friend's family is greatly loved by the king, queen, and of course princess. But the prince despises not only the commoner family, but his own as well. He believes his father has no right to have the throne and wants to take his place, and soon. But only those with the birthmark in the shape of their family crest is allowed to have the throne after the current king. And that happens to be his younger sister.

    Handing the throne over to the one with the special birthmark has took place for centuries in this kingdom. No matter who had it, they would be the next king or queen. Those with the birthmark are said to make great leaders. There is also a prophecy that goes with the ones who have that birthmark, but it has long since been buried away to keep fear from rising within the kingdom's people.
    Prophecy (open)
    On the day of the true blue moon will rise two powers that are equal in strength. One power wishes to destroy or enslave mankind, and the other wishes to protect it as a mother protects her child. Only one can survive...

    The prince has been plotting a way to take over the throne for years to come. The princess's friend however always showed up at the wrong time and foiled his plans unknowingly. The prince becomes furious with this girl after a while and makes her his first target before carrying out his plan. Lucky for him that she falls fatally ill.

    Since the princess couldn't bear the thought of living the rest of her life without her best friend, her father brings in the best doctors they could get. When medicine failed she seeks out the help of witches. The princess gathers a few guards and takes her friend to a coven of witches that they know are neutral. After some persuading they would agree to help, but stick them with a novice witch.

    The original spell the witch tries out fails and instead of just curing the illness, the friend's gender is changed. Because the disease didn't make it to her brain, it disappeared after her body was changed. An elder witch who knew of the prophecy saw that the friend had a strange aura. It frightened her and saw the friend as a threat and ordered to have the other witches kill him/her immediately.

    The princess pleaded for her friend's life to be spared. A young witch proposed to erase the friend's memory and send him/her to a far away village. It would mean that he would be alive and far away enough to keep the elder happy. The princess wasn't happy about it but she agreed only because her dear friend would be alive. The catch was that she couldn't know where the friend would be sent off to. And that her mind was erased of the memories of her friend.

    The spell they used failed a little and she still had a few memories of her.

    A few months have past and the prince's plan had been put into action. The king and queen were dead, but the princess managed to escape and is now on the run from her own brother. He can't rightfully take the throne unless she is dead as well. So a large bounty is placed on her head.

    While she is on the run from anyone who wanted the reward money, she came across a boy that reminded her a lot of her old friend. He saves her from some bandits after the money. The princess doesn't trust him at first even though he saved her. He doesn't want to just leave her alone so he follows her around, and ends up saving her again. She allows him to stick around and protect her.

    After spending more and more time with him, memories of her friend start coming back. She makes the connection in her mind after a while. That the boy really is her friend. As soon as the connection is made the spell on her wears off. The princess is able to convince her friend of what he really is, and their little adventure leads them to finding a way to reverse the spell on him.

    Though the princess has developed some intimate feelings for her friend over the time they had spent together. It was difficult for her to decide if she really wanted him/her back to normal.
    And I'll end that here...God I wrote a lot... Please ask questions so I can clear up any confusion on things because I know I left out some things. The ending will be explained to the person who ends up being my roleplay partner, but of course that is if they want to know it. Opinions/feedback is greatly appreciated. Though keep in mind that I was exhausted when writing this and it isn't my best job at explaining a story.
    Also, it will be a long roleplay and I want someone who is very interested in this and will stick with it til the end. I know the beginning feels dark and depressing, but the mood is supposed to lighten up in the middle. Guess that depends on which way the roleplay would head.​
  2. Okay. I want to start off by saying I have no life. xD So long time roleplaying works so well for me. I love your story idea and want to do it. Don't care if I'm the boy or girl since I'm good with both personalties. I would like know a bit more about their pasts and the kingdom if I were to join. I think this is a great and I'm all for one on one.
  3. Oh wow I didn't think anyone would be interested in this idea of mine. You don't mind being the princess do you? The friend is the first character I developed and I like her/him a little more than the princess.

    As for the pasts of them and the kingdom...

    The friend:
    Grew up in the poorer side of town. She and the princess met at an early age and became good friends. They always hung out together even as they grew older. Since the princess liked her family then the king welcomed them with open arms, eventually genuinely liking the family as well. Her family never accepted any of the king's money that would help them out since her father was too thick headed to accept it. For a while she trained to be a royal guard so she may live in the palace with her best friend, and since it was the only way her father would allow her to live in the castle. He always believed in hard work to earn what you want. She has never even once trusted the prince, and keeps a close eye on him while he is around.

    The Princess:
    Because she has the famous birthmark she is treated a bit differently than her brother. The only reason the king was accepting of the peasant friend was because he trusted his daughter's judgement. Her brother has always been jealous of his little sister since he believes he is better for the throne than she is. But all throughout her life she has proven to have the traits that all those before her with the birthmark had. She even saved the kingdom from losing all it's money, but with a little help from her friend that she trusts so dearly. Her father doesn't actually have the birthmark, but he had to take the throne in place of his late brother who actually had it. The late brother's wife still lives in the castle, and the princess loves to go to her since she is like a second mother to her.

    The Kingdom:
    Where the supposedly last dragon was fought and slain. This kingdom has raised the finest leaders for centuries, although had a few bad years with money and crops. It's people almost starved to death a little over half a century ago due to lack of rain, but that was the only big thing that has happened. They never got into any wars, but are certainly prepared to fight in one. And ever since the famine they have been storing food in case it has ever happened again.

    Feel free to ask any more questions. I was tempted to tell you about how the end turns out, but it really ruins it all in my opinion. It's like telling the ending of a movie to someone. It's just not worth it to watch it after that.
  4. Okay. I got school right now but I'll find a way to read, digest, and post sometime today. Very interested. :D And I'll be whoever you want(check my resume it says I'm up for anything ^^ Pretty simple). Can't wait to do this!
  5. Okay I'll get the starter post up sometime today or tomorrow then. :)