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  1. A dry wind blew through the land and Aithlyn groaned and ran a hand through his light sandy brown hair, sweeping it away from his face before he tied it back into a loose, low pony tail. He shrugged on the back pack and ran a hand across his forehead, feeling the grains of sand stuck to him before he walked off, making his way towards the border to Heaji. He didn't know how long past by the time he got to the border, but he knew it was atleast 20 days. Between stopping to sleep and just procrastinating constantly, he knew it had taken over double to time it would've if he had just kept on going. Less than that if he had gotten a Suaasal Demon to take him even half way. But, travelling through Suaasal was something Aithlyn had done all the time so he wasn't motivated to do it another time. He was definitely excited to see the other countries, but going through Suaasal bored him almost to tears.

    When he finally made it to the border, he stopped off at one town of Suaasal that many people from Heaji would visit. "Aithlyn!" a voice called. Deep and obviously male. Turning slightly, Aithlyn saw a tall man with darkly tanned skin, - typical of a Suaasalian - blonde hair and grey eyes, standing shorter than him at only 5'8''. "Hey Klyff," he said with a broad smile. "You finally going to see the other countries?" Klyff asked and Aithlyn grinned and nodded in response, "you taking anyone with you?" the man asked, looking around. "Uhhuh," Aithlyn replied, looking down at the man, "Galan is coming with me," he said and the man looked at him like he had lost his mind, "Galan?" he asked, shaking his head before he wandered off, muttering to himself. Authlyn chuckled and shrugged his backpack onto his shoulders properly again before he made his way to cross the border. He smiled and waved at a few people before he paused and looked around, wondering where exactly Galan was. Moments later, the huge Suaasal Demon came towards him, walking slowly and taking his sweet time. Folding his arms across his chest, he tapped his foot impatiently, glaring at the huge beast. Galan looked up and grunted in response before picking up his pace slightly. "Come on, Galan," Aithlyn said when he stopped next to him. He placed a large hand on the beast's rough skin, the short, coarse fur pricking hands in a familiar way. He was so used to the feel of a Suaasal Demon's rough skin and coarse fur, it felt somewhat foreign not to have a hand upon the creature. He looked up at the large figure of Galan before he walked off, the Demon walking beside him, seeming to be in a somewhat agreeable mood for once.

    ~~10 weeks later at Present~~

    Looking down at the ground from atop of Galan, Aithlyn grinned. He stared at the long grass in awe and couldn't help but chuckle when Galan snorted in distaste at the feel of it. "Oh get over it, you big baby," Aithlyn commented, to which the demon threw out his hind legs into the air, throwing the man off. He flew through the air momentarily before he landed on his back in the long grass, luckily as it cushioned his landing a lot and avoided breaking any bones. Winded, the man gave a wheezy laugh and stared up at the beast who glared down at him with his glowing red eyes. "Awww, did the big baby not like being told what to do?" he asked in a childish tone, to which the demon purposely sneezed on him and turned around, scratching at the grass with his hind legs and flinging it onto the man. 'I am not a baby,' the demon commented in his low, guttural voice. It was a wonder as to how Suaasal Demons could talk, but somehow they could, even if it was with a lot of effort. "Gee, thanks," Aithlyn grunted, wiping the spray off of him. He grinned and slowly stood up, ignoring the slight pang in his back from falling on it.

    He turned in a slow circle, taking in the sight of Ustea. The tall grass, the forest in the distance, the animals that ran freely, and as he tore his eyes from the site in front of him, raising his gaze to the sky, he saw the Wyverns he had heard so much about. Though they were small and he couldn't really study them, Aithlyn felt his heart swell with excitement. A broad grin spread across his features which he couldn't wipe off and he felt like a child all over again. Running a hand over his face, he shook his head with a light laugh. Realizing after a moments pause that his hair was down, he looked down at the ground and picked up the hair tie but instead put it around his wrist, not overly caring at that point.

    Glancing across at Galan, he saw the giant beast's form. He stood at an easy 10ft and Aithlyn would bet he was even taller than that. He was indeed an intimidating creature. After all, there was no fat, just pure muscle that you could visibly see with any move he made. His feet alone could easily kill a man. His claws and teeth were huge and indeed enough to send the biggest man the other way. However, the beast's size wasn't what had caught Aithlyn's attention at the very moment. It was the way he stared at a small herd of what looked like deer, a deep, rumbling growl making its way from his chest. Aithlyn's eyes widened and he walked over, punching the creature in the shoulder as hard as he could without breaking his hand or fingers. "Don't!" The man warned before he walked forward, through the grass, "we will get something for you to eat when we find someone from here," he told him sternly to which the beast huffed in response but resented and followed him. Aithlyn looked around, wandering through the grass and wondering when he'd come across someone from the land.
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  2. The quiet chatter that resonated throughout the little village rang in Kiva's ears as she continued walking, a basked full of different crops and other edible items hanging heavily from her side. She frowned, having taken much more than she normally would have in one delivery but she just wanted to get the job done early today, something that was actually an oddity to anyone who lived in the area and worked with the crops. But, nevertheless, she was going to try, though not push herself too much. Her feet crunched under the leaves and other various twigs she stepped on, her feet bare since she despised wearing shoes of any kind; they just felt uncomfortable in the woman's mind, and she found no need to use them. Besides, they were more trouble than they were worth. She couldn't even climb trees with them on! Sure, sometimes she would step on a rock or something and it would sting her feet a bit, even a stick that was pointed up too sharply, but her feet were tough, not much bothered her anymore when it came to stepping on things.

    Her face flushed lightly as she finally set the basket down, heaving a sigh before she knocked on the door of one of the houses she had to visit today, always smiling when someone would open the door, greet her and then even throw a little smart remark in her direction, though it was all in good fun. Most were actually surprised that she was doing this so early, or at least as quickly she was. After all, while she wasn't the slowest working person, she wasn't one of the fastest, and the people knew it. "Just trying to get the job done early for once." It was just a nice day, and with her having worked since the early morning, it now growing into the afternoon, she wanted to be done and just lay around, maybe even with Thaddeus. She hadn't had a good flight session with him lately and she missed it, greatly actually.

    With the trees looming over the little village like it did so, and with the heating up of the sun the moisture that stayed within the forest was beginning to heat up, causing the humidity to rise higher. Normally this didn't bother her, didn't really bother anyone really, but it could definitely be a pain at times. Her hair was beginning to stick to her face, but she already had it slightly pulled back; not completely in a ponytail, but kind of in a half one with most of her hair still hanging down. That was just how she normally kept it. Her fitted white tank top and khaki shorts beginning to stick to her body, but again, she could care less for the feeling. It just felt like... Home to her.

    When she had finally finished her job, Kiva headed to the had crop man, his form taller than hers, a lot bigger actually, and asked him whether or not there was anything else she needed to do or if she was finished. When the got the word that she had nothing more to do, surprisingly, the woman grinned
    widely before nodding her head to the man. Yes, finally she was finished!

    She took off soon after that, running towards the edge of the forest to where it ended and the plains of their land began, the wind whipping past her, again another welcoming feeling that Kiva couldn't help but adore. She whistled a few times as she jogged, wondering if she could catch Thaddeus's attention but when that failed she figured that he was probably further out in the plains somewhere to where he usually liked to spend his time and just fly around, or even sleep in. "
    Thaddeus!" She called out, cupping her hands over her mouth as she tilted her head up to the sky. She had stepped over the little boundary that separated forest from plains, and though she could see a few other Wyverns flying around, hers wasn't in the area. Where had he gone?

    A few deer popped up before her, rushing past her before running in the distance, and while she normally would have smiled at the sight something seemed to be off about it. This wasn't the time to be hunting anything, and the deer seemed to be running from something, startled, which was unusual. The sight made her furrow her brows, her eyes following their form before she turned her head to look this way and that, only stopping when she caught two figures in the distance, once of them very large, err well both of them seemed rather large, however they looked completely different.
    Cautiously she walked over to them, her legs moving stiffly as she lowered her head a bit. "Hello?" She called out, still a few feet away from the mysterious person and beast. "Who goes?"
  3. Aithlyn walked through the grass before he stopped after a few minutes when he saw a herd of deer running across the field, running the opposite direction of himself and Galan. Looking up at the beast, the man sighed heavily. "Maybe bringing you along was the wrong idea.. You scare everything away," he grumbled under his breath, to which Galan growled, "not my fault everything is a coward," before he huffed in exasperation, looking across at the fleeing herd, practically drooling with desire. Shaking his head, Aithlyn touched the demon's shoulder and kept walking, "come on, you brute," the man said sternly, looking back at him and gesturing to him. Galan watched him for a moment before he slowly followed after him, head down, obviously bored already. Or possibly just really hungry. Probably that. Running a hand through his curly hair, Aithlyn walked for a while longer before he gave a up, spread his arms and fell backwards on the soft grass. Staring up at the sky for what seemed like hours, the light was suddenly blocked out when Galan stuck his head over him, staring down at him. "Get up or i'll go and catch something," the beast threatened.

    Aithlyn glared at the creature before he rolled over onto his stomach, folding his arms under his head and closing his eyes. "I want to sleep," he muttered. To which Galan gripped his shirt in his jaws and yanked him off the ground and then dropped him. Aithlyn grunted at the force when he hit the ground before he pushed himself to his feet with a groan. "Fine, fine," he grumbled, "let's go find civilisation." However, a moment later, he heard a voice. He looked around, searching for the source of the voice. However, when the same voice asked who was there, he turned slightly and saw a young woman, head ducked, standing a few feet away from him.

    He stepped towards her, palms up in a gesture of surrender, "I don't mean any harm.. I'm just here to visit Ustea," he called to her and he glanced down at the white singlet white he wore, seeing the grass clinging to it. Brushing it off before he glanced back at the woman, "OH! And my named is Aithlyn, i'm from Suaasal.. And this is Galan, a Suaasal Demon, if you didn't already guess," he told her with a light chuckle, looking up at the beast beside him and watched as he laid down with a low groan, obviously not too impressed with being interrupted. The beast looked at the young woman and gave a low growl towards her, but Aithlyn hit the creature in his shoulder, demanding him to be friendly, to which Galan huffed and rested his giant head on the ground.

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    She continued to stare at the two strangers, giving the both of them skeptical gazes, though she figured that they couldn't be too bad. Well, the man maybe, but the beast that stood, or laid rather, but his side? That was a different story, but after he introduced himself, as well as the creature beside him, she understood just a little bit. So, That was what a Suaasal demon looked like, as well as just a regular citizen from that country? It certainly was a wonder, to Kiva anyway, seeing as she had not come into contact with anyone outside of her own country. Only had she heard storied, or things from a few travels from her village, had she heard anything about the other countries, despite the general information that was taught to her when she was young. But now she was actually in the presence of another...

    With the tilt of her head, she blinked her eyes, albeit a bit dumbly, but nevertheless she couldn't help but let a little smile grace her lips. Perhaps it was just her nature to come off as polite in the face of a stranger, however all the customs that were taught to her were sent to the forefront of her mind. The Ustea had no bad blood with anyone, and she would rather keep it that way, and the Ustea always welcomed visitors. They were still no Heaji, a place that stationed every race and mingled together, a place she figured most would travel to if they wanted to leave their own country, but she figured that Ustea was second best. So long as the visitor didn't overstep their boundaries, everything would be fine.

    She flinched back a little at the growl that came from the demon, becoming a bit afraid of it, but he seemed to not want to attack her. At that moment at least, to which she was grateful for, but she quickly turned her attention back to the man. "Well welcome Ustea, Aithlyn, and you too Galan. I'm Kiva, nice to meet you two." She put a hand to her chest before bowing slightly to the guest, straightening herself up shortly after. "But, if I may ask, what brings you to Ustea all the way from Suaasal? That must have been an awfully long journey for you to have taken?"
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