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  1. Oh my dear Anna Marie she has a toy.
    The toy looks too large for her Anna Marie.
    Anna Marie, what’s your next move darling?
    Will you do the predictable and take her head on?

    Those eyes opened slowly as the song ended, knowing the woman’s fate was sealed. As the woman would travel her way the air would begin to cool down, becoming chilly to the touch and to the point that the air particles could no longer hold their water causing them to release it almost like a cloud. Therefore a fog was created within the forest, masking the ground in its greyish substance and obscuring eyesight of anyone within the forest. Anna Marie’s supple lips moved into a soft violent smile, white teeth gleaming within the night as the fog brushed against her skin. Oh how that sweet blood of hers jumped for the opportunity to be free of her body. The small blood droplets that had fallen from her skin from the thorns of her crown and bracelets rose into the moisture, spreading and thinning to invisibility until none could see it. Since this blood was not magic working no magical tokens would be able to detect it while at work.

    As a child her parents had quickly learned to not draw Miss Anna Marie’s sweet blood or to touch it for its strange properties that caused harm to others. Due to the fact that this substance was within her body her own organs, skin cells, and veins had grown immunity to its acidic fabrication. Her blood cells were made up of a component similar to that within acid, its strength is like that of hydrofluoric acid though its properties are like that of a virus. The fog would begin swirling and twirling as a strong gust of wind would blow in the direction of her opponent. The blood having a mind of its own would move and multiply within the fog, stretching across the space and carried upon the wind between Anna Marie and Shale to fall into the air around the elven barbarian. As the blood cells made their way to Shale’s body they would instantly dive into her breathing passage by whichever way she took in the air around her into her lungs if she was breathing. Within a matter of seconds of entering either her mouth or nose the blood cells would begin to crystalize, sharpening and painlessly cutting at the tissue around them as they entered into her lungs and began cutting at them.

    Oh sweet Shale, does it feel like your skin is crawling?
    Oh Anna Marie the woman must breathe!
    How joyous this night seems to be for all must breathe.
    Oh sweet Anna Marie, won’t you let mummy watch the show?

    If the blood cells would come in contact with her skin they would instantaneously dig their way thru the epidermis layer of her skin. Some chose to travel down the hair follicles within her skin pores and go directly after the dermis layer of her skin. Though they would all make it thru the dermis layer of her skin within the same amount of time which would be approximately two seconds. Once thru this layer of tissue the blood cells would find their way into her blood vessels and upon contact with foreign blood cells they would begin attacking. First they would begin crystalizing and attacking the platelets within her blood; destroying them quickly before moving onto her white blood cells. At the same time the blood cells would begin sticking to or taking over her red blood cells and crystalizing therefore tearing into anything within their path. Some would harden and begin blocking passages within her veins and arteries and due to her high blood pressure from annoyance her heart would have beat quickly enough to have now carried thousands of her infected blood cells thru her body causing havoc within her own body.

    If the blood cells attack upon sweet Shale’s body was successful her pores would begin opening up. The areas in which Anna Marie’s blood cells entered Shale’s body would begin dripping with crimson. The sweet nectar of her life pouring from her once invisible wounds would drip upon the ground. As the blood cells would make their way to her corneas the darling Shale’s once beautiful eyes would begin bleeding within them, turning the whites a deep crimson color before the blood cells sharpened edges would begin cutting thru the tissue and causing the blood to pour out from within the globes. Her lips would crack open as blood began building up within them before finally spilling forth like the rest. Oh how her sweet body once unmarked and unharmed would begin spilling blood from all types of areas, the crimson fluid falling to the ground and feeding the earth with her life source. Oh sweet Shale, what was that about sending my thorn crown thru my skull? Oh how the sweet gurgling sounds of her death are like music to my ears, for with each breath Shale would only kill herself more as blood pours from her mouth yet falling down her throat and filling her lungs. Oh, was that an apology?

    Anna Marie, can’t you tell her?
    Anna Marie, won’t you listen to mummy’s secret?
    Anna Marie, mummy has a surprise for you.

    Her body ceased to move, fingers slowly working at the bracelets to remove them from her person and setting them aside. Limber arms moved as fingertip rested against the thorn crown while the woman spoke to her, lifting it from her head to suddenly toss it upon the ground behind her while those supple lips opened to speak softly yet loudly enough for the woman to hear her. “Oh my sweet Shale, don’t you think threats are a bit overdone these days? Oh and the insults you throw my way before knowing who or what I truly am. Tisk Tisk Miss Shale, your rudeness profoundly startles me.” The soft British lilt that was laced within her words made everything she said sound so utterly polite and proper that Anna Marie would smile softly as her legs would unbend, standing slowly upon the rock whilst at the same time a nimble finger would unhook one of the many throwing stars attached to her legs and hold it within her right fingertips lightly. Whilst the other hand grabbed ahold of the hilt of her darling sword, wielding it within her left arm now Anna Marie would stare at the woman from across the distance between them.

    Such vile creatures plague her forest nowadays; making her wish she had never come to this land to seek peace and solace within the quiet of the trees. Oh, but Miss Anna Marie never seeks such trivial things in life such as peace and solace, she knew exactly what she would encounter within these woods; mummy had told her so. With a simple flick of her wrist the blood coated throwing star would fly from her fingertips twirling thru the air. Spinning and spinning at approximately 30 feet per second therefore having it come to Shale in about five seconds. The throwing star would be aimed towards the woman’s left brow, only wishing to cut into that sweet flesh just enough to draw a little blood or perhaps spill more of it if needed. Once the throwing star had left her fingertips Anna Marie would begin readying herself mentally for anything the woman would send her way; elves were known for their lack of integrity and morals during battle.

    Anna Marie, have you begun the process?
    Anna Marie, let us out to play.
    Anna Marie, why won’t you let us dance with you on this night?
    Anna Marie, is the music ready?

    After such things Anna Marie would grasp that darling sword within both hands, the blades silvery lines moving at a fast pace now as if they were alive. “Shh my darling sweet, tis not time yet for you to completely awaken from this hellish nightmare we call life.” She would whisper to the dark as night blade. Her nimble limbs would move forward as she would step down from the rock, landing upon the grassy ground now, chuckling softly as it stirred beneath her feet. It takes two to tango darling Shale, why don’t you move a little closer so we may dance? Golden locks would move softly across her back as petite feet would whisper their way across the ground in simple steps as her limbs moved within the dance at a quick pace until suddenly she had closed thirty yards of the distance between them in a matter of seconds.
    Those sweet lips would part to spill forth soft notes of melancholy for her relatives to hear. Perhaps the darling Shale will soon figure that the fey like female wasn’t a Siren after all but something much more complex and difficult to understand. Perhaps as the song caressed her blades surfaces and bombarded the woman’s eardrums she would figure out the song she sang for all to hear. The notes would carry along the wind, calling and coaxing her sweet mummy to come out to dance with them that night. Oh would the sweet Shale see the figures as they awakened within the night and began to stumble forward towards their master’s song? Would the sweet Shale see as the very air she breathed attacked the pores upon her skin to clog them with water particles from the fog?

    Oh my darling Anna Marie, can you hear them?
    Can you hear the devils of the night drawing near?
    Oh sweet Anna Marie, can you dance more?
    Anna Marie, why don’t you sing your daddies song next?