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  1. Alright, so I've been on for a little bit, and I'm curious; what's a good amount of:

    - group roleplays to be in?

    - 1x1 roleplays to be in?

    - roleplays to GM?

    I love a lot of the ideas that people come up with on here (and have a few of my own), but I don't want to spread myself too thin. So is there a range of how many roleplays one can be in and still have a life and post on time, or is is user discretion or something?

  2. It all depends from person to person. Personally I have no problem with being in 10-15 roleplays when I'm not overly busy with my everyday life. But other people might be content with five roleplays.

    If you're not sure which amount that fits you, you can always start one at a time and if you feel like you can take on one more, then take on one more. Then if you after some days or a week still feel like you can take on one more, then join another one.

    It's just to try it out until you find a good amount that fits you ^^
  3. The only person that can answer that question is you.

    Right now, I'm in two group roleplays and a couple of OneXOne roleplays here, as well as another OneXOne off-site. That's pretty much my limit, because I'm out for 11 hours a day (work and travel to/from work) and then there's the time needed for activities like laundry and cooking. I might be able to fit in one more roleplay, so long as it isn't too intensive, but that's it.

    I don't know your situation though. If you're not in work/college and you've days to spare then feel free to sign up to dozens of roleplays. It also depends on your posting style; are you writing a paragraph or two each time, or a page? It's your time, so you have to decide how many roleplays you can join. All I can suggest is that you join a few, see how it goes and then join more if you can, because if you joined fifty and then had to pull out of half of them, it might end up annoying other people.
  4. If you are a teenager (or I guess adult too) with a LOT of energy and tons of free time, you can be in HUNDRED ROLEPLAYS! O___O

    I think for most people, though, it's usually around 20 or less. With most of the numbers being one on ones, because those are easy to managed and play in a lot of. Group roleplays require a lot more work. O_O
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  5. Meanwhile, some of us busy-IRL folk max out at 5 :)