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  1. When the Raven Sings

    Darkness creeps around the corner, drawing near to me;
    Dragging me into nothingness, erasing what I used to be.
    The shadows bring a companion, to soothe its toxic sting,
    But there is no comfort, when the Raven sings.

    The Raven’s song is endless and full of misery,
    For how can one see comfort, in something so derived of glee?
    The Raven’s song is the cries of people, who have lost their way in spite,
    The sound of the blackness beyond the stars, and the coming eternal night.
    The Raven’s song is one of slumber, one of guilt and remorse,
    One of if-only’s and what-if’s, before nature ran it course.

    The Raven’s song is ancient, it is knowledge with a price.
    The Raven forces down this knowledge, for darkness is its vice.
    The Raven is old and wise, yet young and new, and always stays the same;
    The Raven is honest, noble, and true; but Death is its favored game.
    The Raven is not reborn, nor does it not ascend,
    It is what lies beyond, it is the truth of the end.

    I do not wish to hear the Raven, for it hurts to hear its song,
    But it is hard to avoid the Raven, when so many sing along.
    “Raven!” I cry “Please spare me from this torment!”
    “Leave this place at once! Please let me be content!”

    The Raven laughs and sings a song that speak the truth,
    “I have knew that this day would come, ever since your youth,
    “You never had heard me before, you had rather turn away,
    “But time has come O precious one, I had counted down the days.
    “You want to continue ignoring me, but that is not a choice,
    “The time has come O precious one, for you to hear my voice.
    “This is the darkness, this is the shadows, this is all that you will become;
    “This is endless, eternal, it is painless it is numb;
    “It is cruel, it is mercy, it is all and it is none.
    “It is at the end of all paths, so it is pointless to run.
    “There is nothing left to do now, there is no need to weep,
    “Hush now O precious one, it is time now to sleep.”

    The Raven’s song is painful, the Raven’s song is bliss,
    The Raven’s song is one of silence, the song of the abyss,
    The Raven’s song needed, it is forgotten; it is a numbing needle with a gentle sting,
    But there is no comfort, when the Raven sings.