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  1. Hey, hey. Drifter here. Throwing down a request for anybody who's up for an RP and hopefully some chatting on the side. Somebody in the same age range would be cool, (17-19 or so), but I don't really care much.
    I haven't got much in the way of ideas right now, was hoping we could talk about that. There's a few random concepts that could be expanded on though.

    I think the main thing I want is a sort of casual RP where it's just our characters... Doing their thing, I guess. Probably a sort of modern fantasy thing (wooo, magic). Some exploration and stuff, teenager stuff, angst, musing about life, that kinda stuff.
    Otherwise I like doing fantasy stuff quite a bit, as well as sci-fi and some horror stuff.

    Romance ain't necessary, but I'm cool with it. I need somebody who's cool with flexible posting speeds, (like maybe once every 2 or 3 days at the slowest). Posts will probably vary too, from like 3 sentence stuff to 2-3 paragraph stuff. Depends on you and how fast paced a scene is or how much is going on I guess. Gender of characters doesn't matter, though I'm probably playing a chick.

    Post or shoot me a PM if you're interested at all, and thanks for at least stopping by to check me out!
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  2. Hi ^^ I'm interested in being your partner for rp. I'm new on the site so I guess I'm looking for one too lol. I'm 17, I like causual rps and modern day settings too. I can roleplay any gender so whatever you prefer is fine.
  3. That seems really interesting- I love horrors and angsty 'musing about life' sort of roleplays- I'd love it if we could roleplay together, I'm into fantasy as well- I'm really interested in that kind of thing.

    I'm also 17, so I don't worry about swearing or gore-y scenes... :P I reply probably once or twice a day, depending on how much time I get (because I'm currently at a boarding school), but I am able to reply probably every day. I do love long paragraphs, but also short ones as well, so I really don't mind.

    Thank you very much, please consider me :)
  4. Oh, agh! It didn't alert me. I'll shoot you two PMs and we can talk about it!
  5. I think I'll give this a little bump, see if anyone else is interested.
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