Just a new account...

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  1. Eh... *She rubbed the back of her head and sighed* I'm not new here...I just forgot my log-in for my first account, but um hey ^^ I like gummy bears and sour gummy worms...give me some and I'll be your best friend, lol jk but I do love them. Well um I don't know what else to say besides I'll be tracking all my old friends down like a crazy man stalking o'girl that left him. Haha. Bye ^^.
  2. It'd help if you tell us your old name! >:[

    But still welcome back, and how dare you forget! >:3
  3. *Sniffles* I'm sorry. I was gone for a long time. Thanks for the welcoming.
  4. Anytime.

    *bows in respect then vanishes
  5. *Watches him leave* Bye
  6. If you still want your old account I'm sure the staff can help with it. :)

    But anyway, welcome back! Let's hope you stay with us for a long, long time.
  7. Welcome Back to Iwaku!

    -gives her bags of gummy bears and sour worms-

    The perfect welcome back gifts.

    Its just as Excalibur said, the staff can help you track down your account.
  8. Welcome back I'd say then!?

    Weeeelcome anyways!
    I'm Selenite, pleased to meet you.
    Yes, staff can merge accounts. You should be able to recover your old one!

    See you around!
  9. Welcome to Iwaku!
    Welcome back to Iwaku!
    Whichever you prefer... you can choose -nods- ^.^
  10. Dx Sorry for ya know...replying to all these right now, I was sick but thanks for all the welcomes and thank you for the gummies. ^^