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Hi. I don't really go by any name.
"Machine" is fine.
Age » 24 years old
Location » Canada, ON. (EST time zone)
Discord » Machine#9233

I'm looking for some laid-back roleplays to get into.
I've been doing these things for about 9 years now, on and off.
These days, I'm looking to get back into writing so here we are.

As for ❝ rules ❞ and the such, I'm not too picky.
I think the general rule is please be don't give me one liners.
A paragraph is fine, as long as you give me something to work with and it progresses the story.
I would appreciate decent grammar and English but I can understand if English is not your first language.
But good thing we have spell check tho, amirite :p
Also, I'd prefer not roleplay with anyone younger than 18.

Another thing I'd like to add is face claims and character sheets.
Yes, I do both realistic and digital art-style face claims and I do make character sheets for roleplays.
No, I do not have pre-made characters. I enjoy the process of making and filling out a character sheet.
I also really enjoy dabbling in coding, as you can see, but you are not required to do the same.

Now for plots and pairings. I'm really open minded to a lot of things so hit me with what you got.
I can play male or female and do m// f// m/f pairings as well as some smut.
*As a side note, I don't really do fandom roleplays. I have a hard time playing a set character so I'll only play as an OC!
With that being said, here are a few plot candies that I'm into right now.

〈 P a i r i n g s 〉
  • sexual services x consumer
  • supernatural x human
  • forbidden lover x forbidden lover
  • drug addict x significant other
  • royalty x commoner
  • bully x target
  • control freak x free spirit
  • arranged marriage x secret lover
  • abusive boss x employee
  • adult x abused runaway
  • ex-lover x ex-lover
  • supernatural lord x human
〈 P l o t ● C a n d i e s 〉

Some may be based off of books, movies, musical lyrics, animes or photos that I find while exploring the internet.

This photo // Not sure how a roleplay could be made out of this, but I really enjoy the picture and hope that I can come up with something.

After dying in a car accident, X finds themselves in the body of Y, a victim of bullying at school. No longer a pushover, they start standing up for to the bullies but then meets Z, an old friend from the past. Somehow, Z immediately picks up X's 'scent' from Y. What happened between these two in the past and how will it affect their future?
» Heavily based off of the manhwa At the End of the Road

▷ Former gang big-name or kingpin is released from prison and maybe tries to make an honest living for themselves. Or not. Potentially slice-of-lifey.

▷ You called me a naughty girl and told me to wait for you in your room. While I find you /extremely/ handsome and am, myself, excited for the opportunity, I'm not a girl.

This photo // Something along the lines of X was once a human, but then during a secret mission, they were killed but it was all apart of some plan to turn them into a super human. Their partner, Y learns of this truth and tries to stop them from destroying the world.

〈 W o r d ● B a n k 〉
I usually come to this list if I'm short on inspiration for story ideas, so feel free to mix and match! Capitalized words are my favourite.

ADDICTIONS // gangs and the mafia // ROMANCE // MURDER // school settings // BATTLE ROYALE // time travel // music and artists // super humans // HORROR // DARK MAGIC // super powers // POST-APOCALYPSE // witchcraft // video games // VIRTUAL REALITY // military // MECHA // war // non consensual interactions // ARRANGED MARRIAGES // CHILDHOOD FRIENDS // WITCHES and WIZARDS // COVENS // career change // LOVE TRIANGLES // anarchy // PERSONAL SACRIFICE // hate crimes // TRAVEL // AGE DIFFERENCE // stockholm syndrome // desperately seeking a purpose in life // sleeping with the enemy // freak shows and carnies // becoming a monster when you hit puberty // PSYCHOLOGICAL HORROR // flower shops // wanderlust // classic cafes // CORRUPTION // abuse // STRANGERS // FATE // black mail // elves and fairies // SCIENCE FICTION // SPACE TRAVEL // FUTURISTIC // step siblings // FORBIDDEN LOVE // family settings // TATTOOS // Dealing with homophobia and racism // heartbreaks // DEATH // couples // adventure // bullying // artificial intelligence // robots, androids, etc. // FANTASY // knights and dragons // EXPERIMENTS // love affairs // SOUL EATERS // androgyny // CROSS DRESSING // hostages // roommates // COMPLEXES // controversial issues // OBSESSION // FOREIGNERS // DYSTOPIAN WORLDS // mental illnesses // psychotic breakdowns // TRAUMA OF ANY SORT // love as a(n extremely addictive and illegal) drug // FLUFFY LOVE // light bondage // soft core torture // ROCK N ROLL // starting a band // secret agents // undercover cops // history // OVERCOMING CHALLENGES AND FEARS // phobias // loss of a loved one // BAD BOYS AND GIRLS // vigilantes // MANIPULATION // true love // supernatural creatures // mythical creatures // parallel worlds // alternate universes // SECRET WEAPONS...

*I would like to disclaim that some words and phrases that are listed don't represent me as a person.
Though I may be interested in having 'racism' and such in a roleplay, I don't support such issues in the real world.

As you can see, I favor the dark, horror themed and twisted type of roleplays but I'm always willing to do something more fluffy and romantic or slice of life type of roleplays.

I mostly prefer to roleplay over threads but you can try to convince me otherwise.
But.. if you're interested or curious, shoot me a message or drop a comment.
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Hi I'm interested if you wanna try a RP drop me a PM °}{°

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Hello friend!!! I feel like you and i would make lovely stories together!! Please do send a message my way for i may have an idea in mind!!


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Supernatural x Human mixed with Love Triangle and Obsession. Maybe one Supernatural is a Vampire and one is a Werewolf and they are obsessed with Human. Maybe add elements of horror too? ^^