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  1. What most average citizens don't know is that there are two sides to the world they know.The boring everyday lives they live is only part of what goes on.The other side is a far more dangerous side,filled with crime and bloodshed.This side is only inhabited by those of the mafia.Average citizens and the mafia aren't supposed to cross paths but occasionally fate has other ideas.
  2. Meet the heir to the Corbania Line:
    Ezekiel Corbania
    Though he goes by Zeke.
    ((I do not own this photo))

    Age: 20
    Height: 6'3
    Weight: 136
    Zeke Corbania has everything in life he could ever want, money, power, charms, good looks, women out the wazoo. But now he is about to inherit even more: the family business. Not just any family business, the mafia. His father is growing older and more and more ill, and he fears soon he will leave this planet. But, the business is a mess, and it is not fair to leave it this way to Zeke. He hires him an assistant and starts grooming and training his son how to handle the business, but the lessons grow harder and harder and Zeke slowly grows more aggressive. He seems charming and a gentleman, but he has a short fuse and a wicked temper that makes him a very cruel individual.
  3. The assistant:
    Arietta Ferrero though she prefers Aria.
    (Dont own the photo)
    When Aria accepted the job she assumed it was for a regular assistant job and certainly never imagined she would be involved with the mafia.Having to juggle the role of the assistant to not the business but the mafia as well created a lot I stress for her but she couldn't back out.Once you're associated with the mafia,there's no going back and only one way out;death.
  4. It was early when Zeke heard the knocking at his door. He groaned, rolling over in his bed, "Go away!"
    The knocking happened again, persistent that he would awake and get to work on his life today. He let out what sounded as a growl as he ripped the expensive, fine silk bed set away from him, moving to the door of his massive bedroom in three easy steps, throwing it open, "What the hell do you want at this ungodly hour?!" He screamed in the butler's face, ready to strangle the old bastard for disturbing him.
    But the butler was used to this, it was an almost every morning thing, though this morning was earlier than he usually awoke the young master. He bowed from the waist deeply, "Young master, I am sorry to bother you at this early hour, but your father insisted I wake you up this early. You two have a busy day ahead of you and your father wanted to make sure you were up and ready to go."
    Zeke let out another feral sounding growl, slamming the door in the butler's face. "In your nice suit young master, he has requested I made sure to tell you that."
    Zeke mule kicked the door behind him, making an obvious message for the butler to be on his way.
    Zeke let out a slow yawn, stretching slowly as he reached out, turning on the light. He winced at the pain from the light assaulting his eyes. He slid slowly into the bathroom showering slowly, allowing the water to wake him up. He shaved slowly, taking his time slipping into his top of the line grey suit with the matching bowler hat. His crisp armani suit screamed money, perfectly tailored to show his lean and elegant seeming form and body with the family crest on the front breast pocket in silver. He grabbed the walking stick with the silver lion's head at the end, then moved to his dresser.
    He opened the top drawer and pulled out a sleek and shiny 9mm hand gun, sliding it between his skin and his shirt before smoothing it out again. He laid another hand gun in the holster sewn into the vest of his jacket before sliding on the slim fitting grey coat to hide the bulge of the weapon under his vest. He looked perfectly handsome, and perfectly dangerous at the same time.
    He went downstairs, his father seated in a black suit of his own with the family crest sewn onto the from pocket of his jacket. He smiled as Zeke entered the dim room, "My son, on his first business meeting with his old man." He grinned, "You look like the handsome young man of fine breeding I have raised you to be."
    Zeke nodded with a smile, "Haven't I always father?"
    He nodded, standing with a sigh, "Well let's hop to it. We have a lot to do today."
    Zeke nodded, following his father out the front door of their home. "Remember father, we have to go to the new office downtown where we set up a new headquarters, we have the secretary coming in for orientation today."
    His father made an "ahh" noise, smiling back at his son, "I almost forgot all about it. Thank you for reminding me."
    Zeke flashed him his brilliant grin as he slid in to the back seat of the car beside him, "Always here to help Father."
  5. Aria awoke to the sounds of her alarm clock and groggily slammed her hand down on it trying to find the off button.When the shrill alarm continued,she grabbed the clock and threw it against the wall;a satisfied sigh leaving her lips when the sound was gone."I'm going to need to buy a new alarm clock."She muttered to herself and let out a yawn,sitting up and stretching her arms above her head.With tired steps,she made her way to the bathroom and splashed some water on her face to wake up.After she felt more energized,she headed to her closet and grabbed the already prepared outfit for today.Turning on the shower she thought of her day today;she was nervous for her new job and hoped to give a good first impression to her new boss.She quickly undressed and stepped ito the shower,hurriedly washing and drying herself so she could spend more time on her finer details.Blow drying her hair,she quickly combed and curled it before changing into her clothes.The work clothes she had decided on consisted of a white button up blouse and black pencil skirt along with black heels.Slipping on her heels,she began work on her makeup.She wasn't one for makeup usually but she was making sure she looked her best today.Putting on her red lipstick and massacra,she added a light highlight of brown eyeshadow and blush.Sarisfied with her appearance,she grabbed her purse and keys and left her apartment.Aria turned on the car and began her drive to work.Traffic was terrible but luckily she had assumed it would be and ha left her home 45 minutes early.She arrived at the business with 5 minutes to spare and smiled triumphantly.
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