Just a few roleplays, please ^^ ((Currently Open))

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    • MxM or FxF
    • I used to be obsessed with playing the dominate, so I'm looking to maybe playing a submissive?
    • I have a few pairings in mind, but I'd love to hear your ideas if you have any?
    • I prefer to keep my roleplays in PM
    • First come, first serve -- I'll be accepting 1 more person
    Demon / Human
    Brother / Brother
    Father / Son
    Creature / Human
    College Roomates
    Two boys experimenting
    Tutor / Tutored
    Student / Teacher
    Boss / Employee

    I also have some actual ideas (ish), so yeah. Just PM me -- it's likely I won't be visiting the thread too often.
    • Would anyone care to have a roleplay with me? I'd really like to use this character: (I was thinking about some sort of fairy tale retelling with little red riding hood or some sort of assassin
    • .[​IMG]

    • [Guy A] has never been proud of who he is, he grew up underneath his rich fathers wings and has really never gotten away from it. With a father who wishes for him to take over the hotel company he has [A] has a lot of pressure upon himself, unfortunately he’s not exactly ready to take over. On the other hand you have [Guy B] who is [A]’s father’s assistant. He has never had much and now that he’s gotten himself a job to one of the richest men in New York, he wants nothing more than to climb the latter to success. [A] hates more than anything- he believes the guy to be the most disgusting man on the planet but after one of his father’s parties- [A] can’t keep the act up. He wakes up with at his side and before the guy gets the chance to wake up he leaves the hotel room wanting to deny everything. remembers everything from that night but has in regards of [A] decided to not mention it, but how long can they keep the act going? After all they spend a lot of time underneath the same roof.
    I don't mind having more than one roleplay with the same person, just PM me.
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Thread Status:
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