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  1. I have several ideas - all of which I'm eager to try - and I just wanted to see what people are most interested in. All of these are flexible and open to suggestions.

    1. Gathering Magick: This may be best played as a group but I'm willing to do one-on-one if necessary. Set in 17th century Europe, the world is fraught with disease and superstition. Wild accusations of witchcraft and devilry are made - not all untrue - and people are being persecuted regardless of status or wealth. Real Practitioners are forced to escape the city and gather in secret. Although their own ranks are filled with ulterior motives and mysterious plots, the Practitioners' common goal remains the same: to flee.

    2. Strange:
    This is essentially a spin-off of Alice in Wonderland. A young girl finds reality much too drab for her liking and spends most of her time engrossed in novels at her local library. When she encounters a strange man who promises adventure, she follows him into a world full of color - and darkness. This world needs someone to calm the Chaos that plagues them and restore normalcy to their bizarre land. However, not everything is as it seems - she may be fighting on the wrong side of the war. The girl discovers that fairy tales exist, reality itself can be mythical, and danger can find you even in your dreams. I'm thinking this should be one-on-one and I'm willing to play either gender.

    3. Shadow Play:
    In modern-day Edo, the populated city is mainly governed by a fast-paced industry and the technology it produces. Large corporations fight for control over the market and wealthy businessmen often resort to underhanded tactics in order to advance their agenda. These tactics require special skills offered only by a small pool of people: assassins. The two characters in this story work for independent agencies that sell their skills to anyone with the largest wallet - they will accept any mission if the price is right. When the man moves to Edo and takes up his alias at the university, he meets a charming girl that he develops an interest in. But what intrigues him most is the woman interfering with his missions - it seems he's stepped into another assassin's territory. A romance develops between them in their normal lives yet they unknowingly rival each other for the business of dirty corporations at night. What will happen when they discover each other's secret? This will definitely be a romance, most likely mature, and I am willing to play either character.

    4. Fan-Based RP: I really want to do a fan-based RP. I love a good plot but I would also like a little romance involved. I'm most interested in doing either Naruto, Bleach, Vampire Knight, or something similar. If you have something else in mind, I'm willing to give it a try so long as I've heard of it. I would prefer doing OC for these simply because canon characters can be difficult, but I'm okay with giving it a try. I have some ideas/characters in mind upon request.

    I can't PM yet so all discussion will need to take place here or in an individual thread. If you have any other ideas or invites for other RPs, just let me know!
  2. I'm totally interested in the assasains one and/or the fanbased one
  3. Either one would be fine with me. Did you have a particular anime in mind? Also, which gender would you rather play?
  4. Naruto one sounds nice. Although I don't mind doing any other ones if someone were to prefer a different one. That is for the fan-based one at least.
  5. Any anime you listed would be just fine. Though I'm not as caughtup in vampire knight or bleach as I am in Naruto. I play both genders equally :D
  6. I enjoy playing mainly female characters. I'm not that fond of Naruto, but I know a good bit to know everything. I watched the series a long while back, so I should be good to go if we decide that one.

    As for bleach, I have not a clue.

    Vampire Knight, I only had just finished watching that recently.
  7. I would love to do a good Naruto RP, Steph. It's been a while since I've given it a try! Will I need to create an entirely different thread for characters/brainstorming? I'm still getting used to the forums.

    Dazzle, if you don't like Naruto then we could do an independent RP of a different anime. It's your choice, really. Just let me know what you'd prefer.

    Also, I will be going on a short vacation tomorrow. I'll only be gone about a week but my posting may be infrequent until next weekend. I hope you can bear with me.
  8. That's fine :)
  9. I don't mind doing Naruto! Not at all! =)