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Haru Senpai

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Hey all, I'm looking for fairly decent partners for a few roleplay ideas I've had. I prefer same sex pairings, but am willing to make adjustments. Romance is also not a requirement, but it's what I'm used to. Take note that I'm 19, so no sex stuff if you're less than 18.

Another suggestion? Read my resume to get a basic idea of how I do things.

All plots are open to suggestions and alterations, they're welcome in fact. I ask that all replies be at least over two paragraphs.

My character and more information can be found on my profile page, essentially it is a fantasy setting in which most humans can transform into an animal that either represents personality or heritage. The animal that they can transform into is normally revealed in toddler-hood, though late or early bloomers are not uncommon. My character came from a royal family of panther-shifters; however, his actual transformation created an uproar.

You are free to create a character, the animal they transform into, along with their social status.
I would prefer this rp to be male x male, but it is not required.

Fantasy setting, in which a race of demons are hunted, killed, and sold for high prices.
Though called Demons, the creatures are more draconian in nature, and very few cause mayhem. They have a long, thin, spined tail that is very fast but easily broken; wings that are also fragile, the membrane between segments is easily pierced; horns, claws, pointed and longer than average canine teeth. Every demon is named after a precious stone, mineral, or gem: their hair and eye color reflect this gem. Upon death, their bodies disappear into ash, leaving behind a smooth stone also matching their theme.
Demons do not die unless killed, and are not susceptible to poisons or sickness; however, tranquilizers will have a reduced effect.

The tyrant king seeks to eradicate the already small population of demons, not everyone agrees with causing their extinction, though demon sympathizing is a crime punishable by death or imprisonment.

Your character is entirely up to you. You may be a demon hunter, demon, or a normal civilian.
I would prefer for this to be a female x female rp, however I'm open for adjustments.

Our characters grew up together as best friends, but in high school, character 1 found themselves in love with heterosexual character 2. Throughout the years, character 1 expected to grow out of the perceived crush, but whenever they found themselves stuck in an emotional state, they made the decision to move immediately after high school graduation. With the disappearance of their friend, character 2 realizes their feelings for character 1 may have been much more than just friendship, but to their despair, realized it too late.

Several years later, character 1 is the lead singer in an up-and-coming band at age 23.
Character 2 is dragged to a bar by a friend, having no idea character 1 and their band will be performing there.
After a heart-wrenching performance, character 1 immediately heads to the bar, where character 2 meets them for a possibly interesting reunion.

I would prefer to be character 1 in this scenario, in addition to it being male x male. 18+ please, due to sexual themes, drug and alcohol use, and explicit language.

Demon x Angel

Coffee Shop

Demon x Human

Guardian angel x Human

Friends to lovers

Enemies to lovers

Forbidden love (probably of any kind)

Neko x Inu (Cat person x Dog person)

Anthros (furries)

I'm also looking to do a couple of fandom roleplays
  • Free! - Iwatobi Swim Club
    • Makoto x Haruka (I can rp as either). AU or canon.
    • Makoto x Kisumi (Prefer Makoto, can do either)
    • Haruka x Sousuke (Prefer Haru)
  • Soul Eater
    • OCs (several years after the main cast)
    • Kid x Maka (Prefer Kid)
    • Kid x Liz (Prefer Kid)
    • Kid x Soul (Either)
  • Bleach
    • Ulquiorra x Orihime (Prefer Ulquiorra) AU preferred, or up to the Arrancar arc if canon.
  • Possibly Attack on Titan
    • Levi x Eren (Either)

Ways to contact me:
Here! On this post in the comments or just flat out PM me with what you're interested in.
Email: [email protected]
Skype: Pansarehot
Kik: SonofaShinigami
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Sent you a message by kik, but I'm not a fan of phone-only chat. If you don't mind, could a Conversation work?
Animal shifters! I love animal shifters! :3 Can we, pretty please?
I'm interested in your last plot, the old friends meet up. Sex, drugs and rock n roll! I'm not on kik.
Hwy, I'm new at this site and I'm interested in your Idea 1 and 3, though if you ask I preferred Idea 3. I'm open for any negotiation and I'm not on kik.
Added some fandoms and ideas, along with contact info.
I'd be interested in your second idea, if you were still looking.
I have a slight anthro craving if that's alright. :3
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