Jurassic Park: Hidden Aftermath

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Adventure stories! They can be fantasy, modern, sci-fi, all kinds! Give me some good world travel stories and I'm all over it! I also enjoy romance stories and even though I tend to play females I love playing gay men.

Isla Nublar: Site A

Calderon Genetic Corporations troops had started to scour Site A, having been able to sneak under the radar of the Costa Rican government. Their only objective had been to find the embryos that Dennis Nedry had failed to supply them. It took them longer than expected when two squadrons had been taken out by the velociraptors and the dilophosaurus.

Finally one of the troops found the canister hidden under a pile of mud, just down the hill from a crashed jeep tethered to a tree. Before long they were on their way back to CaldGen's headquarters just outside Miami. Finally, they would have the edge on InGen! Preperations for a park of their own were starting to be drafted as the helicopter returned to the headquarters.

Five Years Later

CaldGen is proud to announce the grand opening of their crowning triumph! Everything Jurassic Park had offered, but they were prepared with the knowledge of what went wrong with InGen's park! They are starting off their festival by allowing only a small, select group into their park, The Jurassic Experience! Armed with state of the art equipment (and a healthy dose of ripping off what Hammond had done with his park) a small group of people are being flown out to an unnamed island hidden in a rarely traveled area of the Mediterranean sea.


So here's where everyone can come in! Basically I'm taking the unnamed company (now CaldGen) that Dennis Nedry (the guy who screwed everyone over in the original movie) was hired to transport the dino embryos too saw that InGen was cornering the market so they got them and opened a (rip off) park of their own, even though InGen was practically gone at this point.

You will be playing people who are coming to the island to visit and tour the park (which is more free-range like Site B, the second movie) but will still feature the automated vehicles driving them through the areas (because really, what fun would it be if everyone could just drive away?)

This game will be played in "chapters" the first will be everyone's background and getting on the helicopter in Nice, France to head to the park/island!

Bio Sheets:


Character Name:
General Appearance:
Current Goal/Purpose:
General Personality:
General History:

Character Name: Matt Hudson

Gender: Male

Job/Role: Paleontological Student (Focus on paleobotany)

Age: 24

General Appearance: The best word to describe Matt would be "Scruffy". He spends most of his time studying and out on dig sites so he usually has messy hair and a fine layer of dust on most of his clothing. He wears mostly simple outfits, khaki pants, t-shirts (many of them plain and black). He considers himself good looking, and likes his chocolatey brown eyes most, trying to accentuate them with glasses when they don't get in the way.

Current Goal/Purpose: He was chosen to go to the island by his professor who has an in with Calderon Genetics, so he can study their "scientific marvels".

General Personality: Most would consider Matt a studious sort, throwing himself headfirst into his studies and his work, taking care to be meticulous with both. Outside of his work and his studies he's a relatively friendly and can sometimes come of almost aggressively outgoing. He does have a bit of a temper but he is usually skilled enough at managing it to not lash out at other people.

General History: Matt came from fairly plain roots. When he was younger he had a chance to meet Dr. Ellie Sattler, which changed his towards Paleobotany ever since. Throughout school he focused on his science skills and even went out to aid Dr. Sattler on a few digs out in the desert after she had returned from Site A. He learned of what InGen had done and vowed to himself that someday he'd like to see what she saw, just to know her better. For graduate school he enrolled in Victoria College in Yorkshire, England to study more fossils found out in the UK. It was there that a professor of his recommended him to be one of the first people to get to explore the CaldGen park.
Character Name: Stacey Grey

Gender: Female

Job/Role: Photographer for National Geographic


General Appearance:

Current Goal/Purpose: To take pictures an document on the park.

General Personality: Gets really involved with her work. She loves animals and is always looking for that perfect shot. her photos are her favorite memories. She is very adventurous and outgoing with her work. She is a carefree spirit and sometimes that lands her into the most trouble.

General History: Stacey has worked hard in her field. This is her first big solo job and she couldn't be more excited for it. Her adventurous and death-defying ways got her up the ladder with her photos. She doesn't have any money nor does she come from any normal upbringing but she gets to see the world in a completely different way then most people and she couldn't be happier about it.
Character Name: Douglas Mathers

Job/Role: Game Warden

Age: 36

Current Goal/Purpose: Stop the kids from eating the neighbours

General Personality: A moody alcoholic who's better with dinosaurs than people

General History: An ex-Army Ranger who stayed in Africa after his tour of Somalia. He got into hunting and safari expeditions, tracking the big game of Africa for the best part of a decade and working for a few years alongside Robert Muldoon (the future warden of Site A) in Kenya. Then, at age 30, he returned to America and moved between jobs in private security, before finally being headhunted by CaldGen. His knowledge of predators and his time working with Muldoon made his expertise invaluable.
Well if I can't be a dinosaur. . .


Character Name: Vincent Wane
Gender: Male
Job/Role: Animal Rights Activist
Age: 26

General Appearance:

Current Goal/Purpose: To ensure the dinosaurs are receiving excellent care and treatment.

General Personality: He believes that all animals deserve a second chance and that they are on an equal footing with humans. It has something to do with that whole, 'what if we had no technology to make us superior' point of view. Despite the deaths these animals have brought about since their creation he believes that is the result of poor treatment and poor handling. InGen is dead to him. But he does have hopes that CaldGen will respect the rights of the animals.

General History:

Once upon a time Vincent ate meat like most other humans, yet still loved animals. Especially bats, sharks, and dinosaurs. It was something that several boys often shared in common. But despite constantly loving animals he still enjoyed a good steak or chicken parmigiana or pulled pork. It was indeed rather delicious. Until he became interested in a beautiful girl back in highschool. She changed him quite a lot from the immature teenager he had been back in those days. Including turning him into a vegetarian and a rather outspoken animal rights activist. Vincent has even managed to end up on a few TV news segments when his protests got just a little out of hand. But at the same time he is actually rather popular due to an indie documentary film he wrote, directed, and starred in called "When Animals React" that won awards last year at the Cannes film festival.

For now he is still in the limelight.

In addition, he is a survivor of the short-lived but terrifying T-Rex rampage in San Diego. Despite the lives it endangered and the property damage it caused he took the side of the animal. Using connections at the time he had learned of exactly why the animal got loose. His controversial position on dinosaurs existing in modern times earned him even more notoriety in the media and support from several animal rights groups.

CaldGen has called him in to survey their park, confident that he won't find anything out of place. And that with his stamp of approval the organizations like PETA will actually come to endorse the park as well.
I NEED to join this RP. I was destined for it!

Character Name: Mariah Middel
Gender: Female
Job/Role: Biologist
Age: 24
General Appearance:

Current Goal/Purpose: To be able to study dinosaurs in order to get more information on them not known previously to people.
General Personality: Mariah, at first glance, might not make a good impression. She seems greedy and cowardly and maybe even self-centered. Though she doesn't always focus on herself, and people she truly care about are usually protected and supported by her.
General History: Mariah has been a biologist since she was 14. While in South America studying animals, InGen had contacted her. Confused why they had picked her, she nevertheless joined along. She wanted to learn things about the dinosaurs that couldn't be learned before due to their extinction. But she still had an uneasy feeling about being near dinosaurs...

Sorry if the history's short, I'll try to add to it later.
Looks great Lovedove! Once I finish my bio and get the others to submit theirs we'll get this show on the road!
Character Name: Ryan Manning
Gender: Male
Job: Video Journalist
Age: 32
General Appearance:


Goal: To record footage of the park's inter-workings and attractions and provide proof to the validity of the park's dinosaur or cast them off as mere 'animatronics.'

Personality: Ryan is a cynical man in his line of work not believing in the world's marvel. Majoring in journalism as well as philosophy and theory, he formed a general disbelief of many things such as miracles and that unless there is proof, it may as well be a fantasy. While that being said he is a generally smart person, a logical one who is trying to get his job done. He doesn't like being put in a position of attention and his own agenda is always wandering around.

History: After the incident at Site A and in San Diego, Manning was drawn to the story of Jurassic Park and InGen. Briefly having a meeting with Ian Malcolm who told him about his travels during the park, he worked hard into writing articles upon the failures and what validness of InGen. It was of no surprise, that CaldGen contacted him as to make him a believer. Extending a personal invitation to Site C for the new restoration of Jurassic Park. Whether the dinosaurs here are true genetic creations or merely a facade is left to be said.
Looks good Louis! Glad to have The Doctor your character aboard!
Character Name: Keith Normington

Gender: Male

Job/Role: Game Ranger

Age: 34


Current Goal/Purpose: CaldGen desired to gain another experienced hand in dealing with big game animals. He is coming along with the tour to see firsthand what he'll be dealing with.

General Personality: Collected and reserved. Not afraid to ask questions he feels need to be answered or to become confrontational if he feels something is not right. He despises politics, power plays, and incompetence. However, there are only a few things that he can hold a grudge against, and any hostilities that he may have usually disappear within minutes. Knows enough about wildlife and people to realize who and what he shouldn't underestimate.

General History: Born in what is now Zimbabwe and raised in South Africa. Keith served for a time with the South African Army, serving in peacekeeping operations under United Nations command in other African countries. After the army, he spent his time working as a game ranger and warden in the different nature reserves and parks throughout South Africa. He spent the great majority of his time working in the Kruger National Park, even as it was incorporated into the Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park. Due to CaldGen's lost of personnel either through accidents, lack of understanding/training, or incompetence; they've sought out Game Rangers and Wardens with several years of experience who would be easier to bring up to speed on handling the dinosaurs. He was one of the few who decided to bite and accepted their lucrative invitation.
(just a quick note, I changed some stuff with my character. Made her older and no longer a in-training biologist)
Looks fine Lovedove!

So we've officially started! People should be heading to the chopper and as soon as everyone has gathered and hopped on the chopper we shall head to the island! The ride over will be a great way for everyone to introduce themselves and trade comments or snide comments as they will!

The IC can be found here!
And another annoying note, I'm probably going to change my character from time to time. Most likely her personality or history.
I guess I can't decide on anything. Hahaha :P
It's okay! Don't worry about editing the character sheet each time her personality changes a bit (it tends to happen with most characters as you find out what they're "really like" once the roleplay gets going). The bio sheet was pretty much just to approve the character and help you get a feel for what type of character you want to play. I'm not going to be looking at them and go "Hey, that's awfully self centered of your character when you put down they're really selfless!" :D
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