[June 21st, 8PM EST] The Cookout Special

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    The Cookout Special
    An Iwaku Summer Masquerade
    Summer is here! It brings warm weather, swimming, and my personal favorite: cookouts. So what better way to celebrate Summer here on Iwaku than with a summer cookout roleplay.
    Friday, June 21st.
    8:00PM Eastern Standard Time (USA)

    You can use any character from any setting that you want! The backyard where the roleplay takes place does however, neutralize all powers. You can also use your own username.

    • All Iwaku Policies and Rules apply.
    • Don't flood the chatbox. Be patient with your partners
    • This roleplay is PG-13. Take anything that isn't PG-13 to the Steambox. (Sex, Gore, whatever.)

    *If you are at all interested in this, please let me know so I can get a running list of who is planning on attending.
    Yes, I know that this description is relatively short and to the point, but lets face it: Not everyone wants to read 2000000 lines of plot information for a fairly simple ChatRP event that is open to everyone.
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  2. I'd be pretty interested!

    Gee, I'm hungry now.