Juices, Smoothies and Milkshakes!

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  1. What's your guilty pleasure? Favorite recipes? Or do you just not get the appeal?

    If any of you have paid me mind in the cbox, you may have noticed me pining over my new blender, Ninja Pro.

    Well, I just finally got it in the mail yesterday and I AM SO EXCITED TO TRY IT. *ahem* /controls self

    A while back I was at Cross County and I decided to get a smoothie but there was so many options so I just stuck with banana smoothie and the server asked me, what juice would I like in it? I looked at her with confusion and disgust as I saw orange juice, pineapple, cranberry and some other juice I forgot but then I was like fuck it and I went for the cranberry.

    BEST DECISION EVER!!!! *ahem* /fixes her collar

    So now I am curious about the options available to us and will be trying out different things.

    Any suggestions? Pictures? Something not worth trying? Thoughts?
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  2. Mocha milkshakes!
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  3. Omg I saw it in the booklet my thing came with and it looks soooo good! XD
  4. I had it at a fast food place I was at, loved it! Going to try and make it myself sometime
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  5. mcdonald's milkshakes!

    so bad, yet so goood
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  6. I used to like those. Every trip I'd get a small one. But then.. Well, they stopped being good. It was less milkshake and more chilled goop from a machine that stayed a bit too creamy even when it was melted.

  7. NOOO say it ain't so!
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  8. Used to work next to one in a Subway. We used to trade sandwiches for smoothies. My boss got the biggest kick out of taking them a cookie and having them mix it into my milkshake with "an energy shot and caffeine shot" "because my WoW nerd was looking sleepy".

    He was high half the time. It was my favorite place to work in the morning.
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    1. IMG_20140509_184646_345.jpg
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  9. That looks delicious!
  10. Let's be honest. The song just wouldn't be the same if it were a smoothie that brought all the boys to her yard.
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  11. It was!
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  12. Is it possible to make boba? I love boba smoothies but I have no idea how you would make it at home.
  13. I like a good daiquiri. Does that count?

    Currently a DragonFruit Bacardi Rum and Mango daiquiri mix blend concoction. Not the best I've made...

    And yes, I blended the mix with the rum. My blender sucks.
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  14. Vanilla Milkshake always hits the spot. No exception.
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  15. One of my favorite juice drinks.

    One of my favorite smoothie recipes:


    If you don't like Soy Milk or don't have it, use milk. It works just fine. Cream of Coconut would work as well, but I find it much richer than milk. Acai, grape, or pomegranate juice can be substituted for orange juice. Just don't mess with the measurements of the fruit and you're good to go.

    Oh and of course, this.