Joyous Kwanzaa! {Plot/Partner Requests for the Winter Season}

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  1. A Little About Me:
    Hello there! My name is Maerius, but you can call me Dip, or just Mary, if you insist. I am fifteen years old, and I have been role-playing since I was about nine years old.

    What I Role-play:
    I roleplay any and all genres, but I feel like I'm most skilled in modern fantasy or medieval fantasy. Not to mention Sci-fi fantasy, or simply Modern/Medieval/Sci-fi.

    1) Don't leave me begging for more. If you have any other obligations, alert me ASAP.
    2) Keep your characters as fluid and dynamic as water.
    3) You need to contribute to the plots too!
    4) At least five paragraphs per reply. Even that is a little much to ask.
    5) Ask me questions! Tell me your ideas! Keep in contact with me!

    Original Plots:
    **1) YC happens to be a very successful scientist/marine biologist. It is their job to go to sea and investigate a series of sinking ships and mysterious deaths, but once they do, they stumble upon MC-- a mermaid/man. Will your character report this creature? Will they befriend it?
    **2) MC is an average person, but YC is a demon sent from hell to torture, pester, and be a general pain to MC until they... punch their own ticket.
    **3) MC is the ghost of a dead college student, who 'haunts' the local library. Who's to say what'll come when YC finds out about this poltergeist?
    **4) YC is a bastard, MC is the vengeful son of a widowed mother.

    ** I have resources for these.

    Welcome to Hell
    Welcome to Night Vale (I'm behind)
    Homestuck (I'm Behind)
    The Leviathan Trilogy
    Percy Jackson and the Olympians (The original series)
    Ed, Edd n' Eddy
    Portal 1/2
    Invader Zim
    Keroro Gunso
    Marble Hornets
    The Power of Five
    Les Miserables
    House MD

    I'm willing to RP any and all of the fandoms I have listed above. If you have an idea, and want to contact me, I implore you to PM me. Happy Holidays!!
  2. Totes interested in a Pokemon roleplay! Have you played Alpha Sapphire or Omega Ruby?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.