Journey to Prosperity: A Space Pirate Adventure

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Some Random Guy: Marcin Kroylittzivec
played by Irae

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Lol, but in all honesty, I think he'd basically be the combat specialist/engineer/swiss army knife/MUSCLEPOWAH dude.

Character Name: Kiqu or Zeta26-1
Gender: Female
Species/Race: Genetically engineered human/biped. (Catgirl)
Age: 25
Birthplace/World: Space-lab 26ß
Pirate Role: Engineer Miss-Fix-It


General Appearance: Barely standing five feet in height, what she doesn't have in stature she makes up in other ways. Mostly human looking but with feline like ears, retractable claws instead of finger and toe nails and a tail. Her hair seems to be brown with mauve undertones, though her ear tuffs are more light pink then white. Her eyes have slanted pupils and the iris is an almost black purple. She seems fairly proportional body to limbs, though she can when threatened seem bigger then she is.
Strengths: Silent on her feet, able to jump great heights and has amazing balance.
Weaknesses: Kiqu can lose stamina fast if over exerted. She also has a huge appetite for one so small.
More: If happy she will purr, if she feels threatened she will growl. She has very little control over this.


Current Goal/Purpose: Kiqu wants somewhere where she feels she belongs.
Talents: Give her a puzzle and she'll find a solution. This is what makes her a great engineer in general. She adores solving mentally challenging problems. Her curiosity can get her out of more problems then it creates.
Inabilities: Kiqu can't hide her emotions very well and couldn't tell a convincing lie if her life depended on it.
Fears: Becoming something like her 'sisters'. Generic fear of strangers.
General Personality: A bit shy and leery of new people, but will tell it how it is. Seems to be quick to anger, but also as quick to forgive.
Inner Personality: Get to know Kiqu and you will find a sweet natured woman, with a passion for life and a desire to share that passion. She does not make promises lightly and would not betray a trust without good reason.
Secret: She has killed in cold blood, and will do so again if she had to. She does not believe in any sort of honor about facing your enemies. You kill them in the dark, in the back, where no one will hear them scream and may never find their body.


General History: A black market for sentient pet-slaves is out there in the universe. Cruel science will make anything for the right price. Kiqu was not suppose to have a childhood, but she was a failed first attempt to make a custom creature. A soft heart chose to raise her instead of destroy her. This was a mistake. Years later she found her 'sisters' and rescued them though they were old and worn out by this point.

Present Life: Zor is a good place to hide. No one asks you questions about your past and as long as you work hard and keep your nose out of other people's business no one asks you about your future either. It's taken more work then she realized it would, but her 'sisters' are now able to live on their own without her help. Kiqu knows it's not their fault, but she can not relate to them, and every day it's harder to look at them, knowing she was the lucky one. Kiqu needs a chance to escape.

Special Historic Notes:

Character Name: Juno 'Twilight' T'al'aweih'ahgn
Gender: Male
Species/Race: Revan
Age: 23 Revan Years (46 Earth Years. Revans age half as quickly as humans do, though they reach physical maturity at only 12 Earth years. Mental maturity, though, is debatable)
Birthplace/World: Reva
Pirate Role: Doctor
More: Like all other Revans, Juno is open to both males and females of any race when it comes to, *ahem*, matters of the flesh


General Appearance:

Due to self-experimentation, he is able to rapidly grow a long, lizard-like prehensile tail (no scales, though). Replace the pocky with a cigarette. Yes, he wears these clothes during operations and such. He feels this outfit brings out his own perfection, and thus has numerous copies of if. Finds lab coats and scrubs 'dingy'.

Pattern color under black light is a neon purple/blue color. Tail has no pattern.

Chest and abdomen

Right shoulder blade, mirrored on left

Arms and legs, all four appear on each limb, placement is random

Left eye, mirrored on right, centered on the lower circle

Finger tips also glow

Strengths: Nimble, quick, agile
Weaknesses: Not especially strong
More: Doesn't enjoy close combat, and will always use a gun. If disarmed, he will either attempt to retrieve his gun, or he will run away


Current Goal/Purpose: To seek out perfection in other races, and to maybe have a hand in it's creation
Talents: Field medicine/surgery, medicine/surgery in general, genetics, 'moral support' *winkwink*
Inabilities: Melee combat
Fears: Becoming scarred in some way, loosing his hands
General Personality: Like most doctors, he is outwardly warm and friendly. When it comes to more *ahem* intimate matters, he can be rather adventurous, even for a Revan. He is very methodical and serious in his work, but can be a bit of a tease at other times.
Inner Personality: Juno is actually pretty cold and uncaring towards his patients. To him, they're just another thing to be perfected. However, once they are perfect, that is when he truely starts to care about them. Of course, this is not to say that there aren't people he cares about before they're prefected. There just aren't that many.
Secret: Alot of his early genetics research (unknowingly) went into the developement of Zeta26-1


General History:

Present Life:

Special Historic Notes:
Irae: :P Glad you like his title. I'll go ahead and make a backslash for a more serious title~

Ocha: I love your character and I absolutely love you. xD

Mabu: Can't wait to see what you come up with!
I was thinking maybe a race similar to the Insomniacs, only nicer, and more focused on art, beauty, perfection, etc. They'd have jet black skin, with human-like eyes that glow faintly in the dark. They are on average slightly taller than humans, but have the same strength. In addition to being focuses in the arts, they are also experts in medicine, surgery, body modification, and genetics, all of which have their origins in the quest for perfection and beauty. While this may make them seem hoity-toity, they actually embrace other races, believing that each race has it's own version beauty and perfection, and that in order to attain true beauty, one must 'embrace' every other race in one way or another. Their home planet orbits an odd sun that emits electromagnetic radiation almost exclusively in the soft near ultraviolet range with very little visible light. In other words, it's a black light.

Sooo...Can I? They'd be called Revans. Home Planet of Reva.
Okay, Mabu. :] I'm open to other races, of course. I'm not so closed minded that I'd just be like "NO USE MY LIST, LOSER."

<3 Look forward to seeing the finished character! Sounds like they could be a medic for the ship and an entertainer on the side.
Any chance of their still being room on the ship? I could always be a castaway heh.
Yes, Panda, yes! I am still accepting characters! :3 I'd love to have you aboard. The roleplay hasn't started yet so there's time still. I'll probably get the IC up in the next couple of days. Been wanting to see if I could get more people to play before I did~
Awesome, just a couple of questions.

A) Are there psychics. Magic I would doubt but I'll ask anyway

B) What is the tech level? Would a person be able to have augmentations? Nanoware? Gene tweaking?

C) Weapon tech. Is kinetic weaponry still the best around or have energy weapons closed the gap and become a more viable option.
I'd rather there not be magic, but the Elementals could likely apply their birth given element to a weapon or fist punch. For psychics, though... I don't think so.

Yes to augmentation, nanoware and gene tweaking. A planet like Insomnia would be the most likely to achieve these possibilities, though I've no doubt that Human planets have this too. As long as it's plausible for this roleplay, go for it! :3

I don't know if I'd want kinetic weaponry in this. Energy weapons are a definite yes, though!
Revans also have access to gene tweaking. And acutally, yeah, I planned for my guy to be both doctor and a...'moral specialist', if you get my drift.
I'd also like to note that due to genetic modifications upon the entire Revan race in their quest for beauty and perfection, asides from male/female differences, they all look very much like each other, except when exposed to black lighting. Thats when hidden markings, kinda like naturally occuring tattoes, appear. Revans are the only race that can easily distinguish who's who among them without the aid of black lighting. Of course, since they wear clothes whenever away from Reva, it's not really as hard as it sounds.
Oh oh, one more question. In this future do corporations have excessive power? As in more then they do today (which is a lot lol.)
That sounds cool, Mabu! Very creative. ;3

I suppose they could, Panda. <3 Depends on the corporation. I'm open to everything, so if you want that to be a part of your character's life, go for it. The universe is a very big place. :3
Awesome, I think I'll have my character be an ex corporate espionage expert with a bounty on his head. Have him up soon.

IC is up. There's still time to finish characters, I just wanted to get this up for the people who are waiting on me. ^^ I'll close character sheets after the ship leaves Zor, so anyone who has a burning desire to join much later can talk to me. I'll gladly work something out~

AI: If you want, you can have your character on the ship already. Lydia can have already picked her up, otherwise let me know how you'd like to work something out. If you want the card game thing or something like it to happen, I will...make it happen. >:3
Consider my character on board, though I'm not sure when I'll have him done. However, it WILL be sometime this week.
Does this look ok? Anything I need to change?

Character Name: Tugrik Inamorda
Gender: Male
Species/Race: Goram
Age: 110
Birthplace/World: Spacer (was born on and spent most of his life on a ship)
Pirate Role: Negotiator, logistics, heavy weapons expert.
More: Has contacts throughout space thanks to his corporate connections. Can probably find whatever gear you need.



General Appearance: It's hard to describe Tugrik as anything besides a massive armored lizard. A body built almost entirely of muscle with patches of hardened bone that gives him a sort of natural armor. His skin is a sandy brown with patches of dark brown that would have helped him blend into his natural surroundings on his species home world of Harok. From the tips of his tones to the bony crest atop his head Tugrik stands at an even seven feet and he knows how to throw his weight around. One eye is blood red with a reptilian slit while the other is silver with no noticeable camera. The artificial eye can be plugged into a computer and play back anything he recorded on screen. Used to a corporate environment Tugrik would usually wear professional suits custom tailored for his intimidating size with layers of thin armor in case of boardroom hostilities. Now on his way to even more hostile environment, which he didn't think possible, Tugrik wears a state of the art hard suit combat armor when not in his usual suit.
Strengths: Business savvy, extensive contacts, growing up on a ship he is skilled in free fall maneuvering, hand to hand combat, and heavy weapons.
Weaknesses: While he is used to his own size it makes more agile maneuvers difficult, usually calm but like most of his species angering him will put Tugrik in an uncontrollable rage which can put anyone in danger. Is a businessman at heart and is always looking for a better deal, this can come in conflict with what his allies may want.


Current Goal/Purpose: Follow the message sent by his old shipmates. They called out to him and any good spacer will always answer the call of old allies.
Talents: Negotiator, heavy weapons expert, adept at free fall.
Inabilities: Losing gracefully is almost impossible for him and revenge in some form will follow soon enough. Tugrik cannot pilot any type of vehicle because he was always used to someone else driving for him. Retreat never comes to his mind and someday could spell his death.
Fears: Failure. Whether it be losing his growing empire or his old friends. Failure in any form is not taken lightly by him.
General Personality: Agreeable on most days, always professional but not above having a good drink and laugh with others. Quickly jumps to the defense of anyone he considers is on his side.
Inner Personality: There is an old proverb among frequent travelers, never cut a deal with a Goram. Tugrik is a grand example as he is a merchant at heart and ruthless in negotiations. He's been in the corporate world for so long that his mindset is gain what you can and lose as little as possible. This philosophy extends to everything in his life.
Secret: Between his life as a spacer and a businessman Tugrik was a mercenary for a few years. He is not proud of this moment in his life but it taught him the skills he will need to survive.


General History: Tugrik Inamorda was born on the Wayward Merchant, a large trading vessel his family worked on. Growing up on a space ship Tugrik learned early how to move in zero g early and loved the feeling of swimming without water. Being constantly on the move however made him want to plant his roots someday and gain a stability that wasn't offered by the life of a traveller. When he became old enough to make it on his own Tugrik left at the next port and started a journey that would lead him from a small time dock worker, to apprenticing with a former soldier and working with a mercenary band, to finally using the corporate contacts he made and setting up a small information trading hub. As time passed and his info web grew Tugrik began to grow board of this life, remembering the endless black he grew up in and the familiar stars that marked the passage into safe space. It was around this time he received a message from his old crew and family. The message was broken and hardly decipherable but he tracked where it came from and immediately looked for the closest ship leaving.

Present Life: Waiting to leave for this fabled planet. He cares little for money, he has enough of that, but whatever made his old crew contact him has him worried.

Special Historic Notes: As a former mercenary Tugrik had multiple augmentations to his body. He has subdermal armor, a hardened skeleton, a reaction booster, and a nanohive which creates nanites that repair his implants, his body in general, and serve as white blood cells against harmful nanites.

The Goram are famous for two things. One is being skilled merchants and the other is having a temper that could rip a combat drone in half. This reptilian race comes from the planet Harok which can only support life at its equator because the rest of the planet is either too hot or too cold for unprotected life. Especially famous for having an honor bound society where a contract must always be completed there are few harbors where their traders are not welcome. On the other hand those who choose to give into their instinctual rage have become feared soldiers and a Goram guard is as much of an investment in security as it is a status symbol that you're so important someone really wants you dead.
I'll post as soon as Tugrik and Zayin finish their business.