Journey of the two choosen

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  1. It was a long night for Takehido, he just heard last night his land was going to be destroyed by a great evil who they do not know of yet. He was the only one you had the strength to possibly fight against it, with his skills of alchemy. He got up from his Cot, and opened up a wooden chest it possessed with in it a full black suit of body armor with white steel gauntlets and shoes. He also grabbed and wrapped a black belt that had a weird looking horned skull on the back and one of the front. Takehido then walked outside of his home and looked at the people of his village wondering who was going to join him on this mission.
  2. (Hope this character is okay.

    The woods were peaceful today, which Evelia (Ev-uh-lee-uh) enjoyed. She had expected it to be the opposite and warning bells going off inside her. A massager had come the night before to warn her of danger coming to her land. That she had to meet a guy that goes by Takehido. Without another word he left soon afterwards. Since then she practice for the battle that was to come. Her 'skill', if you wanted to call it that, relayed on her fire and earth element. She possessed the ability to control both. Along with her magic, she was excellent at wielding a sword. She followed the well worn path towards the villages, where she would find this guy.

    After ten minutes of walking, the woods started to thin out and then the village came into view. Evelia made her way through the crowd. People stopped to stare, she ignored them though. She continue to search for who would join her on the mission in front of them. And hunt and killed the ones who were said to bring chaos to her land would fall under her feet. Their life would leave their bodies and their blood would cover the ground.
  3. Takehido, being the type of guy he was, he would silently sit on a small wooden box in the middle of town making it know to everyone he was having to wait on the girl. there as not much that he knew about the girl besides that is was a girl with extraordinary gifts like his. when the saw someone moving through the crowd ahead, stood up awaiting the person to come into his full view.

    When she was finally through he say a beautiful women, 'this must be some mistake' he thought to himself. there was no way a women like this was the one who was going to follow with him into this hellish fight. "you there!" shin yelled out to the women. "there must be some mistake are you truly the person who will be following me on this journey?" shin asked the women. having his hands on the side of his weird designed belt.
  4. Glancing up at a male voice, she smirked as her eyes traveled down his body then back to his eyes. "Something wrong with that?" She asked she neared with an eyebrow arched. She raised her sword and the with her free hand held it out. Flames danced on the tis of her finger briefly before she flicked them out. Then, she wiggled her fingers in his direction causing the ground to raise slightly under his feet.
  5. He wobbled a bit to keep his balance on the now float ground underneath his feet. Takehido, smiled as he saw how powerful this women was. " you have sparked my interest miss, now if i can what is your name?" Shin asked arching his head off to the side in remark to his question. He then moved his hand behidn his back reaching behind sliding his right palm against the skull on the back of his belt. From the skull black liquid came from it. He pulled his hand into sight for her to see, Takehido then smirked while the liquid turn into a hard black brass and took the form of a black pole lance. "The names Takehido, the demon of alchemy" he said bowing to her and then turning his lance back into liquid and then puts it back into this skull.
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