Journey of Good Will

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Emberlynn looked to the distance, her blonde hair blowing back slightly in the breeze. Today was a nice day. She had finished all the gym battles she had wanted for the time being and had nothing to do. She lay down on the grass, laying next to her pal Jolteon. Jolt had been with her since she had started her journey. He had been with her for 5 years. They were best friends.

She sat up letting out her whole team. With her was her Jolteon, her Houndoom who had a laid-back personality, but would protect her come any situation. Then out came her Weavile who was just as Selfish as ever. She was rotten and spoiled, but she loved Emberlynn more than herself. Then appeared her Gyarados. Her father had given that pokemon to her as a gift. He was the most loyal pokemon you could ever meet and would do anything to save her. He was also laid back. Lucas then took the stage. He was a male Lucario. Emberlynn had always thought that her little brother's soul inhabited that body. He acted a lot like her bother, a bit selfish, yet caring. He was also quiet like her little brother, hence the name Lucas. Last but not least was her newest pokemon, Axew. It was a bit too curious for it's own good and usually got into trouble, but it was morally concerned about everyone and everything.

She decided she would let them run around and have fun while she took a nap. This week had been stressful for them all. She wanted to let them relax. And now that James wasn't around since he had gone back to take care of his sick mother for a time, she was all alone. No one to talk to. She wondered if she would ever find another friend. One besides James in which she could confide. But she decided that was for later thinking and soon fell asleep.

The shrill call echoed over the rolling landscape, originating from an auburn-haired girl with her hands cupped around her mouth.

A few pokemon, all clearly low-levels and unevolved, were clustered around her heels, an Ekans had coiled itself around her arm, and was looking around the same way she was, only less lazily; the girl was whipping her freckled face around so fast it was a wonder her head didn't fall off, and her three braids were whipping behind her.

She called twice more before she started to move, walking as swiftly as her scrawny legs would allow. A smoochum and a Pidgey followed behind her, both of them on the ground. As she sped up, the pidgey would jump and attempt to flutter behind her, but always return to the earth. Closer inspection would reveal a nasty gash on it's right wingtip, probably caused by the axe-job of clipping that had been done on it's pinions. The smoochum's hair fell strangely too, a result of the bandage tied around its head.


Stopping for a moment while her pokemon caught up, the trainer pulled herself up on the branch of one of a stand of small trees, hoping for a better view. it was a struggle more difficult than it should have been, due mostly in part to her wide legged green cargo pants. There was almost more pockets and zippers than there was pants, and they tended to snag. Nonetheless they all but eliminated the need for the small backpack slung over one shoulder, and Ria would rather step on a wild pineco than give them up. Of course, far more dear to her were the little babymons gathered around her. But one more was in her party, but not in its pokeball. Oddish ad always been a little, well, off, and there was no telling where it had wandered off to, or what trouble it might get into if it met another pokemon.

Emberlynn awoke to Jolt nudging her. She sat up quickly and looked over at Lucas who was holding a small blue pokemon. From closer inspection, it looked to be an oddish and it looked like it wasn't in good shape. Lucas sat in front of me, holding the Oddish in his lap.

"Ember, this Oddish needs your help. It is hurt" Ember looked over the small pokemon and sure enough, it had been hurt. She gingerly took the scared and hurt pokemon into her arms, calming it the best she could.

"It's ok little one. I have something that will help you...Lucas, go get my first aid kit and a potion, please"

Lucas got up and quickly retrieved said items, returning as soon as he had left. He set the items next to Emberlynn and she quickly got to work, spraying the potion onto the hurting oddish and gingerly wrapping up its wounds. Emberlynn looked back up at Lucas as she finished up.

"Lucas, where was this little one? Where did you find him?" Lucas pointed north. Maybe this oddish had a trainer, or maybe it was a wild pokemon. Either way, she had to find out and take it back to where it belonged.

"Can you read if it belongs to a trainer or not?" He nodded, indicating that there was, indeed, a trainer that this little oddish belonged to. Emberlynn smiled.

"Lead me to it's trainer Lucas, if you would be so kind..." Lucas nodded and stood up, leading the way to the wayward pokemon's trainer. All the rest of her pokemon she called back and let Lucas lead the way with Jolt close behind. She would find this oddish's trainer because it looked so scared and lost without her or him. Ember followed Lucas for about 15 minutes or so, hoping she would see the trainer sometime soon.
"ODDI-oh!" Ria stopped when she saw another trainer and a party of pokemon coming over the hill; the trainer, a girl with hair the colour of fresh corn, was cradling a small pokemon.

"ODDISH?" She took off at a run, but quickly slowed down when she remembered the pidgey couldn't keep up. Stopping briefly, she knelt down and offered her arm to the wounded pokemon, and it gladly hopped up and shuffled to her shoulder as a perch; the combined weight of him and the ekans on her other arm would weary her if she carried them too long, but for now it was fine. Checking that the smoochum was still hopping along at her heels, she carried on, squinting with one hand brushing her reddish bangs out of the way to shade her eyes.

"Oh my god Oddish!"she called breathlessly as they approached "You found him thank you so much!" The smoochum at her feet rushed forward as she started to slow, calling excitedly at the sight of its friend
Emberlynn laughed, setting the Oddish down gingerly in front of the Smoochum. She patted the Oddish.

"Now you be careful little one! No more getting into trouble, ok?" she stood back up, looking to the trainer with the beautiful auburn hair. She looked a bit frazzled. She noticed that all of the pokemon the trainer had were bandaged up in some way or another. She smiled at the girl and pointed to her Lucario.

"This is Lucas, my Lucario. He and my Jolteon are my most trusted pokemon. It seems you are in a little need of help. Do you mind If I tag along with you to help these hurting pokemon?"

She needed a break from battling anyways. Lucas seemed a bit tired of battling and Jolteon just wasn't in the mood to battle. This would be a perfect time for to rest for a bit and do something other than battling for a change. Emberlynn held out her hand at the Ekans, who reluctantly sniffed it and then, feeling comfortable, slithered onto her shoulder. He too was bandaged quite a bit. She had to help get these pokemon to a center to help them recover a lot quicker.

"Do you mind if I tag along or will that be too much of an issue? Me, Jolt and Lucas don't mind a distraction. You see, I normally travel with my boyfriend, but he had to go back home to take care of his sick mother. I am by myself on this journey with no companionship other than the pokemon I have with me. They are awesome companions, do not get me wrong, but I need some human company..."
Ria's jaw dropped, and she stared for a moment before stammering "Y-you must be an incredible trainer!" The ekans who had surprisingly accepted Ember's offer of a perch flickered its tongue affectionately on the stranger's ear. "That Ekans.... That ekans was abused by its former trainer... its usually very shy" she explained, reaching out a hand toward it to rub its head on her palm. "He usually doesn't trust anyone he hasn't spent a lot of time with, and you healed Oddsie too, so I guess we'll trust you!" the final verdict was delivered with a grin, and before her new companion could get a word in, the energetic redhead prettled happily onward in her quest to convey as much information in as short a time as possible while also drawing as few breaths as possible.

"So I guess you have some potions on you since you managed to heal Oddsie huh? I'll buy some off you if you're willing to sell them, and you know since I'm agreeing to lend you our help and travel with you I don't think its a rediculous question I mean one trainer helps another, right? and now we're travelling companions, too! So where are you headed, anyway? anyplace in particular? I was just looking for a pokecenter but if you'll let me use some of your potions we wont be needing one Smoochum stop that!"

the Smoochum, which had been pouncing repeatedly on the perpetually confused Oddish, backed off with an apologetic squeak, and hopped into Ria's cupped hands for a hug and a scruff on the head. There was more to training pokemon than teaching them to battle, Ria had discovered when Smoochum came into her life. Smoochum had been forced to battle since it was small, in the hands of a cruel pokemon group that made it fight no matter what condition it was in. Smoochum, she learned when she accepted it into her party, had never learned how to just... play.
Emberlynn laughed softly as she patted the ekans head.

"I have my ways with Pokemon. You see, my pokemon battle, but...we like to take breaks and just do things together too. They know that if they battle hard, they get a well deserved rest. Also, wild pokemon seem to trust you more if you let them know you are no threat. With your ekans, that is the case. Your ekans could tell I mean it no harm. It works even with the most shy of pokemon. If you are gentle to them, they will be gentle and trusting to you...It is as simple as that..." She liked Ria's spirit. It was nostalgic of when she was her age.

"Of course I can give you some of my potions. I have a lot that I hardly use. You can just have them. I am not interested in earning a lot of money at the moment...." She looked in the distance at the beautiful sea of green grass in front of her and then to the sky as the wind blew her hair back.

"I am actually headed to Cianwood city. That is my hometown. My parents have a pokemon breeding facility over there. If you want, you can come and meet them. I'm sure they would love to see your pokemon and would be able to heal them without the use of potions...They've always had a knack for pokemon..."
Ria watched the stranger - Emberlynn - dubiously for a moment before she beckoned the Ekans back to herself and started walking - one of them had to start moving if they were to get anywhere. She couldn't figure out whether to peg this girl as melodramatic, shallow, and flaky, or just vain, or if she really was perfection in a can. Either way a more solid judgement was put on hold while her mouth took over most of the available cortex.

"You can't really lump all the pokemon together like that" she argued, ignoring the answer concerning Cianwood and her grandparents, "Every pokemon is different, even if it is true that most pokemon will trust a trainer that shows no evil intentions, some pokemon are naturally shyer than others, and soem pokemon are aggressive -though not in a violent way - and will try to approach you even if you DO look like you're up to no good I mean if you're an experienced trainer like you act you should know that. Ekans isn't mistrustful the way a wild is, a wild is mistrustful cause it doesn't know if you're gonna hurt it or not, and yanno usually they'll trust that you wont but Ekans trusted its trainer and got that rewarded with pain time after time, a wild pokemon will be much more trusting after it's been captured by a trainer because trust was rewarded with kind treatment but this ekans never got that reward until he was brought to the shelter."

She paused literally for a breath and then opened her mouth to continue, but changed her mind, coming to a full stop despite her previous thoughts about getting a move on. "So could I use those potions like, right now then? cause I'd rather not travel farther than I have to with my pokemon injured."
Emberlynn chuckled a bit.

"I know every pokemon is different. I'm well aware of that. My parents grew up teaching me those things first hand. Lucas...when he was a Riolu, he was abandoned by his master, left to die alongside the road, until my parents found him. At first, he hated me and my family. But as my brother started teaching him that life wasn't as bad as he thought he started to warm up. Not all pokemon will. I have had my share of that too, but if you give most of the pokemon a chance, they will move on from the hurt and the pain they suffered if you show them love and kindness. They won't forget it completely and the hurt will always be there, but at least you've given them a respite from that hurt...from that pain. Look...I don't pretend to know everything about pokemon...alright? That's not how I wanna introduce myself right now...In fact, I know next to nothing except the experiences I have already been through....Until i experience something else, what i've experienced in the past helps me with the pokemon I deal with today...."

Emberlynn stopped and looked at the girl. She was demanding the potions now? Now after she had ranted and raved in her face about a minute ago? Emberlynn was forgiving, but this one would take a bit longer to forgive. She shook her head.

"You may not use the potions yet. One must not always depend on those to help their pokemon. Sometimes time is the best medicine. Besides, if you take them to my parent's place, they would be happy to heal them up for you and rest them for you for a day or so. That way they can regain their energy and be back at your side, on your journey once again.....Just think about it...please..." Emberlynn headed back to her spot, Lucas and Jolt following close behind.