Journals, Diaries, and Blogs - Looking Back!


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Yesterday I was able to recover my lost database from my old blog. I wrote in that thing regularly from 2001 to 2009. So it contained a huge chunk of my life in there.

I also have an old diary I wrote in when I was a wweeeee lil elementary school kid. XD

Looking back and reading some of those entries was like a roller coaster. D: A lot of bad memories, but it reminding of me tons of things I forgot all about! Good things!

Have YOU ever kept a journal, diary or blog? How different are you now compared to then?


NEVER! Who'd wanna read it, I know I wouldn't.

BESIDES! Blogs/diaries etc are evidence..... people can find them and read them and that would not be cool =( I have private thoughts known only to me and my better self.

Also wouldn't know what to say.

Dear diary:

Went to word again today with the usual 2 mugs of coffee and no breakfast. Went to work, spoke to no one, had curry for lunch and went home.

Day after that one:

Dear Diary,

See previous entry.


I kept a diary as a kid. I was always angry or sad, so it was nice to have a place to keep my thoughts. Since telling them to my step-father got me hurt and telling them to my mother got me too smothered, or yelled at.

I don't do that anymore, though. I use my Iwaku blog for when I want to let out some rage through text, or save a story, or characters. :3 It's really handy and helps to kill time, if I need it. If I kept a diary-journal-thing with me now, my snoopy boyfriend would probably look in it. Plus, I'd feel silly writing in it...

Ninja Kitty

I had one when I was like, four. I couldn't really write so I just drew pictures. Then when I could write it was mostly random 4-year-old stuff, though. There was one page thought that says "Nobody loves me," which is kind of amusingly depressing for a little kid.

I had a Xanga when I was 13, which was even more stupid.

Now I have an LJ that I only use to read FandomSecrets.


oh wow don't get me started i deleted all my diaries/burned them long ago :p

i do have a blog now but it's a cooking blog sooo yeah >.>