Jorick's Birthday!!

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  1. If you've ever been around the General Chatting forum, been a bad Iwaku-an or found yourself attracted to assholes, you've seen @Jorick trudgin' around camp like he owns the place. Well, the jerk turned 85 yesterday and didn't even tell me. So I'm making a post about his birthday because he's my fave, we all love him, and goshdarnit everyone deserves to feel loved on their birthday. Here are some real life quotes people have said about him:
    • "kind of a dick, kind of awesome"
    • "is he actually petyr baelish? we'll never know"
    • "every time he posts i die little"
    • "what's the bear thing about??"
    • "he banned me and i thought i saw god"
    • "one time he punched me in the was awesome"
    We love him. We tolerate him. But more importantly, he's a great part of Iwaku and we would all be sad if he wasn't here. <3 (Especially me.)

    Anyway. From Iwaku to you, Happy Birthday!! Feel free to post birthday message to him below! But before that, take a look at my birthday present for him, I worked v hard:


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  2. Wow.

    I can only hope I'll be popular enough to get two birthday threads one of these years. XD
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  3. Oh my god, I didn't even notice there was another one.

    Who cares. Mine's better.

  4. I'm tomorrow.

    Imma throw poop bags at a thread that pops up.
  5. >:)
  6. :o

  7. me gettin' ready for @Dervish's birthday post like

  8. Posting in not-so-subtle "I have a crush on you" thread.
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  9. Lmao. Nah, we're just buddies. Not sure why this comment was even necessary but you're welcome to start a fan club if you feel so strongly on the topic.
  10. My one post about the topic and I will go and do just that, overly defensive.
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  11. [​IMG]
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  12. Fuck I can't stop laughing. I knew it was gonna be great when comic sans got involved, but this is a true masterpiece. Weirdest birthday gift ever.. by a lot.

    I knew you were my favorite for a reason. Keep up the good work.
    Everyone mark your calendars. Let's spam threads when the day comes. :D
    I mean I AM the best. Can you really blame her? She's the leader of my fan club actually.

    Look at me stirring shit like :stirthepot:

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  13. We run each other’s fan clubs. It's a mutual thing.

    You're welcome, Jorick, my sweet honey love, my #1 crush, apple of my eye. SMOOCHES FOR YOU!!!1!!1!!!!
  14. This thread has turned oddly endearing.

    Mostly because Jorick is sarcastic evil personified, so it's strange to see him being genuinely affectionate about something.

    There's a crack in the tsunderdome.
  15. Aww, @Jorick you hear that? Your affection is showing. Tone it down a notch! ;)
  16. *dies laughing*

    Remind me not to let either of you near my birthday

    But yeah, Happy Late Birthday!
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  17. ????

    I have no idea what you're talking about. There's no affection here. I'm back to the tsun side of being tsundere, get your kissy bullshit away from me.

    By the way, does anyone want some lemon cakes? I have a bunch in my white panel van. Just come on in and get some. It's safe, I promise.
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  18. Never.

    I...don't like the look of that van. I'm suspicious. *peeks in the window for lemon cakes*
  19. Nobody trust him, it's a Dodge Sprinter. No one trustworthy drives one of those things.
  20. I was the first to say happy birthday via Skype when it was the birthday in his time zone, but somehow completely missed this thread. D:

    Happy (late) birthday, dude. Again!
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