Jonah Hex!

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  1. “Never again.”
  2. I agree that all churches can cooperate in some capacity, but Smith's legacy seems to promote polytheism, division of Heaven itself, and countless other beliefs which are contradictory to the bible.
  3. "This will only last so long."
  4. "Lucius took two of the cake boxes."
  5. "You sound like you want another Diane."
  6. "Doesn't mean I don't eat you."
  7. Good Night~

    I hopefully will post in the morning. :)
  8. “That is true. Help me put it on?”
  9. Belle

    "Perfect." She smiled and Hawthornes head tilted before he nodded

    "Good good. I'm glad we get a Whittaker."


    "Good. I'm just not sure how many times Belle might have bugged me now. It's concerning to think about."
  10. Anya started moaning louder.
  11. Eve

    “The Pleasure is all mine, Jenny dear.” I give a small dip of my head before withdrawing my hand. “As for my physical health? I may have entered the home a bit late. The excitement had died down by the time I’d made my way back to here. Although, for you to say that my well-being is the highlight of your day must make the earlier occurrences rather... unfortunate. My condolences.”