Jonah Hex!

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    This is my cue to do some shameless fangirl squealing of which I shall deny ever doing despite the evidence proving otherwise!

    ... Now I just have to take a guy to the movies with me so I have someone to make out with during the hot action scenes! And yes, I can multi-task. We shall leave it at that.
  2. *looks at Alarice, looks at squeels, shakes head sadly before walking away*

    Loks like it might be good, I never hold any hope for movies though.
  3. I will GLADLY be the one for this task.
  4. Megan fox was half naked four out of five times she appeared in this....I approve.
  5. Lady I don't care who you are but I'd go watch the movie with you to look at Megan Fox and lines from A Fistful Of Dollars.

    Also holy shit the black guy from Fringe is there, I love that guy.
  6. It looks at least VAGUELY like a western. . . and a horse that had miniguns on it.

    I'm going to it at some point hopefully.
  7. *rides in on a horse with miniguns, still wearing his terminator armor*
  8. Please let this not be Wild Wild West, Please let this not be Wild Wild West...
  9. Belle

    "Perfect." She smiled and Hawthornes head tilted before he nodded

    "Good good. I'm glad we get a Whittaker."


    "Good. I'm just not sure how many times Belle might have bugged me now. It's concerning to think about."
  10. Megan Fox is as good an actress as Transformers 2 is a movie.
  11. Eve

    “The Pleasure is all mine, Jenny dear.” I give a small dip of my head before withdrawing my hand. “As for my physical health? I may have entered the home a bit late. The excitement had died down by the time I’d made my way back to here. Although, for you to say that my well-being is the highlight of your day must make the earlier occurrences rather... unfortunate. My condolences.”