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    The Joker Curse (open)

    When Jerome Valaska, convicted killer and former patient of Arkham Asylum, tied his father to a chair to kill him as he killed his own mother, the old circus seer made one more prophecy after the tape was removed from his mouth.

    "You will be a curse upon Gotham
    Children will wake from sleep
    Screaming at the thought of you
    Your legacy will be
    And Madness..."

    Later that night Jerome staged a spectacular show worthy of the circus, wherein he held a gala of people hostage, murdered the mayor, and died by the hand of the man who had seen his potential as a catalyst for his own endgame.

    And so it seemed the terror of this young man had come to an end....

    But his actions had left a scar on Gotham, and his madness poisoned many already tainted minds to emulate him.

    Thus The Joker Curse began.


    Now, normally fandom things have not been good for me, but I want to make an exception in order to explore a story line I can't wait for the show to actually explore in the future.

    Basically I want to role play The Joker, and someone else to be Harley Quinn. For all of the maniacs who only laugh while they commit their crimes, they will be the ones who truly emulate him and will be adversaries of The Batman.

    If you're not familiar with the Gotham TV Show, that is fine we won't be following it. The plot would actually start years after what is happening in the show, with our characters as brilliant but damaged people who reach their breaking point and embrace the Joker Curse that has been plaguing Gotham.

    And some things to clarify:

    1. Given the nature of The Joker, this entails some very heavy and graphic content in both the sexual and non-sexual aspects. So not for the faint of heart.

    2. I will be putting my own spin on The Joker, and I want my partner to put their own spin on Harley. I want her to essentially be a FemJoker whose name happens to be Harley.

    3. If interested, be ready to really brainstorm ideas and communicate throughout to make it work. I start to lose interest if someone keeps saying "Whatever you want" or something like that. I crave your input and imagination, so please satisfy my craving. If I get multiple interested, this will be one of the main criteria by which I will choose who I want to RP with.

    If you're interested, please PM me with "Joker" in the subject.

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    I'm up for doing this. :)
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