Jojo's Bizarre Adventure-A Mysterious Ability

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It's a normal day at the Minute Market in Oshima. People milling about, buying their food, checking out, some old lady taking far too long to write a check while those behind her grumble angrily...when she FINALLY left, the next person in line walked up.

He was some bored-looking teenager, with his hoodie pulled up over his head and his black bangs hiding one eye. The items bought were pretty normal, just some fish and rice. But while he was checking out, he pulled a gun on the cashier.
"Hey now, why don't you just take all the money in that register...and put it in this bag right here."
Aine, stnading in line at the supermarket and ready for just another average evening, buying herself cheap food an a tiny treat there to make her week sweeter, nearly sighed when a man pulled out his gun. She didn't have time for this, she had to get her rice cooking or she wouldn't get dinner tonight!Hearing her agitation, the man turned to her, and she nearly peed her pants. She was sure it was a close call. At that second, a soothing hand seemed to rest itself on her heart, inside her. Awestruck, Aine saw a slender woman with pale blue hair trailing down her back. Surprisingly, she was clutching a bow. The world seemed to strand still for Aine as the girl shook tendrils of her from her face.

The girl's sweet expression shifted to irritation almost instantly. Nocking an arrow from her quiver, she aimed and pierced the man with a single shot. Aine was so confused that she pinched her elbow trying to see if she was having a particularly vivid dream. She didn't wake up and her mind spun to worry for the girl with the bow. True, she had just shot the man with an arrow, but he had a gun! All she had was her flimsy wooden bow! Aine flicked her gaze between the two, the man seemed wounded but still standing. He hadn't shot the archer yet but what would he do? Aine felt like flailing, like the whole situation was too absurd to be real at this moment, with girls in adorable outfits wielding outdated weapons appearing from nowhere to fend off robbers.
Ryuukaze had just gone to the local Minute Mark to pick up some quick food, a package of mini donuts already opened in his hand, one hanging out of his mouth as well as a carton of milk in his other hand. 'Nothing like mini donuts and milk' Ryuukaze thought as he made his way to the register. It was that moment that caused him to drop everything, including the half eaten donut from his mouth. Out of nowhere a woman archer appears standing behind another woman standing in line at the register. The cashier seemed to be oblivious to the new woman that appeared, but that was probably because he was more focused on the gun being pointed at him by the robber.

However, the Robber seemed to notice and began to turn towards the woman, seemingly also noticing his new arrival. However, before he could shoot anyone, the archer let loose an arrow, piercing the robber in the stomach. He seemed a bit surprised but, while wounded, didn't stop him from firing a bullet of his own. From that moment time froze as he felt someone behind him. He turned around to see someone, or rather something in a white robe. He quickly noticed the beak protruding from the hood that was kept up and would've normally yelled in fright had it not been for the fact that he somehow felt an inner bond with this creature, whatever it was.

The bird man seemed to ignore Ryuu though, more focused on the scene playing out in front of them. As the bang echoed through the mart, the bullet speeding towards the head of the archer, something quite odd happened. It was hard to notice, but it looked like there was something forming in front of the 2 girls. While it was barely noticeable, the effect it had wasn't. The bullet, upon connecting, was deflected towards the ceiling, taking out an overhead light, casting a flickering darkness upon the cashier, the robber, and the 2 women.

Ryuukaze wasn't sure what had just happened, but he was pretty sure the creature standing behind him was responsible. The robber looked towards them, annoyed that the bullet didn't work, while the cashier had apparently fainted from fright, slumped over the counter. The market was empty except for the three of them, which Ryuukaze figured was good. Ryuukaze didn't need anyone else getting in the way of him and his new ally.
In flawless motion, the archer flicked a glance to the robed creature before darting lightly behind the robber. Her graceful leaps were delicate, but with every bound she shot, as if with no effort at all, arrows that burrowed into the flesh like parasites. From the arrows, ribbons of blood began to flow, making the whole scene seem somehow artful and Aine was transfixed. Alighting atop one of the counters, the archer stared at the robber, as though planning a reaction for his every move. Her glance then fell on Aine, who backed away a step. Aine's hand moved to the mark of a crown on her neck, feeling it burn lightly. As her fingers pressed against the flesh, a stream of consciousness echoed out from her body and burst like silver bubbles against the archer.

It was over in perhaps less than a second but a halo of light began to refract from a delicate silver crown on the archer's head. Aine wanted to leave. She remembered... the robber, the gun... painful death. All noted and fresh in her mind now and she edged towards the door, unsure if anyone could withstand the onslaught of arrows that had peppered his flesh. From the corner of her eye, she saw the other person standing, with a white robed figure shadowing him and what seemed to be a beak included. This was all just too strange.
Ryuukaze stood amazed as the archer seemed to float across the room, letting off arrows in such a blur that he could barely follow. The crook also seemed amazed, unable to take another shot at the archer as she turned him into a living pincushion. Blood blossomed all over his shirt as he eventually fell to the ground, his hood falling off as he fell, a puddle of blood quickly forming beneath his now lifeless body.

Ryuu walked up slowly to the girl, the archer taking a place behind her as if protecting her as a guardian angel. The robed creature also followed silently, apparently having the same connection to him that the archer had to this girl. Ryuu found it hard to find his voice, his mind still trying to process all that happened within the relatively short amount of time. He opened his mouth to talk, but froze when he saw something rising out of the back of the robber's head, a hole from a bulletwound already there. The mist began to slowly form into what looked to be an overgrown mosquito and Ryuu began to slowly realize that this creature was probably the same as the archer and birdman that stood with them. He wondered how much wierder things could get....
Aine gasped, her eyes growing wide and her pale complexion becoming even more so. Her words were cut short, and she couldn't remember what she was going to say as a humming was transmitted through the air. She clapped her hands over her ears, the piercing pitch whirred and made her head throb acutely at the temples. The mosquito looking creature flitted around the heads of her, the archer, the man, and the robed... thing.

"I.. name... is... Invasion USA" the sound hurt, Aine's knees buckled and she fell to the ground. "This possession was fruitful, his body was disgusting though, if fit for fabulous crimes. Powerful, if too chubby". The creature stopped the sound it had been emitting, rather it faded out like an old radio losing signal. Aine climbed to her feet, watching the mosquito as it began to show signs of damage. The staggering flight it exhibited as it flew from the building seemed too much for it.

Without another word, it seemed to liquify and drained away through a grate on the street. Clearly they had not killed it.
-Jovian Residence-

John Jovian was a large, muscled man. He wore a unzipped flight jacket over his normal shirt and blue jeans, with a red scarf around his neck. His beard was mostly brown, with a few small patches beginning to turn grey. He was getting on in his years...

He looked down at the map again. It had been a while since he came to visit his sister in-law and her family. Only, they weren't related anymore, with that divorce and all. If memory served a good part of it had been her not wanting to get her kid involved in the more rough-and-tumble nature of the Jovian family.

Family matters aside, he needed a place to stay while he tracked down the stolen arrow, and Haruna's house would be a lot cheaper than a hotel.

Er, he thought her name was Haruna. He really hoped it was Haruna, and that he wasn't just confusing her with that cute waitress he met...

John knocked three times on the front door. Somebody should be home to answer him.
Jordan had been working through his school work when the knocks had come at the door. No one from the club had heard of anything going on today so it was rather quite and dull. He rushed towards the door, throwing it open in excitement and anticipation. "Who could it be?" He wondered excitedly.

He was however even more shocked when he saw who was on the other side. Jordan just stood there, kind of staring for a moment before tilting his head slightly to one side and opening his mouth with a guess, "Uncle John?"
Ryuu watched, wincing in pain as the mosquito emitted a high frequency noise that caused his spine to shiver. He found it difficult to pay attention to what it was saying, though he did manage to hear that its name was Invasion U.S.A. Finally the noise died down as the mosquito, apparently injured, made its way to a grate where it liquified and disappeared into the sewers. It was only afterwards that Ryuu thought that they should've killed it, but well, with it liquid in the sewers, that was now impossible.

Ryuu looked around and found that both the archer and the cloaked figure were both gone. He was just about to ask Aine if she had seen where they went when he felt something ping inside of him, and suddenly the knowledge that the cloaked figure was inside of him washed over him. He wasn't sure if he was right, but his gut feeling told him that it was so. Turning to Aine, he asked softly, "So, did you understand anything of what just happened?"
"Ah! Jordan, right? Is your mom home?" Dang, the kid had grown. Why, he must be in highschool by now...
"I need a place to stay for a bit while I track down some stuff of mine that's been stolen, and relatives are cheaper than a hotel."
John looked into the house past Jordan, noting that it seemed to be empty.
"Anyways, how are things going for you? You aren't getting bullied or anything, are you?"
Aine shrugged her shoulders helplessly. The whole affair made her just want to go home, home and sleep restful dreams... This all couldn't be happening, a dream of some trick or a game show gag but not real. This couldn't intrude on her normal life. Thing shad been going so well before now, too well for her to allow someone to screw it up. This man could very well be that someone.

"I... you, I think I should go. I don't know what you did but I..." she said, backing away from him with wide eyes. Had he maybe drugged her? He was the only one left, she couldn't think of something she had eaten, but maybe something he had sprayed or? Her normally friendly demeanor switched to a paranoid mode and she walked backwards with increasing speed, her breathing increased slightly.
"No, my mom's not home right now..." Jordan let his uncle in the house, kinda suprised to see him. It had been at least five years since they had last met.

"Aw. Darn. Give Nanako my regards whenever she gets home, then."
"My mom's name is Haruna, not Nanako."
"..right. Well, I'm gonna be in town for a while, so I figured it would be nice if I could stay here. I could even give you guys some of my cooking!"

Jordan just gave his uncle a "look". One of those looks that said "I don't completely trust your motives for being here right now, old man."
John replied with a look that said "I'm not old! And besides, why are turning down a family member in need!"
Jordan's was then a "You're distant family! And it's not like you can't afford a hotel for a couple months, anyways!"

The stare-off came to a close as John sat down on a chair, scratching at the back of his head.
"I'm looking for this piece of art a guy stole from some friends of's an ancient spearhead." I should check to see he's been affected..

A small grey ghost floated out of John's stomach. It held in it's little wispy arms a lantern, which was for the moment unlit.

John noticed his nephew's shock at this turn of events.
"Ah. So you can see them's name is From Dusk 'Till Dawn, and it is..."

He took a pause, as if thinking over whether or not to finish the sentence.

" stand."


A day or two later, life in the town was pretty much back to normal. Ryuukaze was just starting his shift at the grocery store.

Then, a car crashed through the doors. It ran straight over some of the slower shoppers, and turned around as it came to a stop, facing Ryuukaze.

It's engine revved, the car out for blood.

There wasn't a driver.
Ryuukaze had just been ringing up groceries for some elderly woman. He didn't know her, nor did he care about her. He hadn't gotten a very good sleep that night from all his dreams about the incident from before, with the phantom creatures. Now though, Ryuu was yawning and trying to stay away, the ringing from each product passing over the laser as he rung them up slowly lulling him to sleep. As the woman took her cart, now filled with bags of paid for groceries, the next event would once again inform Ryuu that his life would never be normal again.

In through the front of the store came hurtling a car. There was no license plate, and Ryuu didn't know enough about cars to have identified it on the spot like that. Not that he was expecting a car in the first place, he was just as shocked as everyone. Well, almost everyone; those who were closest to the entrance of the car didn't have enough time alive to feel shocked. But other than them, everyone was shocked. As the car turned to face him, seemingly having a mind of its own, Ryuu noticed the lack of a driver behind the wheel.

Ryuu panted as he hurtled check out counters and bolted in the opposite direction, hearing the car's tires squealing on the linoleum as it raced after him. He turned out the exit, the automatic doors barely opening fast enough for his speedy exit. He hadn't gone more than 10 meters before a crash of glass was heard behind him, indicating the car had caught up. He turned to see the car racing towards him, its intent to kill him quite obvious.

However, as luck would have it, that bird creature appeared by his side, not unlike a parent who has found their child in trouble yet again. With a wave of its hand (or possibly wing, since it did have a beak and all), an arc of wind formed horizontally in front of them, colliding with the car and crunching the hood in, lifting it into the air. The bird creature then made a ramp above them, lifting the car (which, had the ramp not been there, would've fallen on them instead of the originally planned running over) over them and letting it crash safely behind them. Unfortunately, the car had the fortune of landing on its wheels, turning to face them yet again...
The radio in the car sparked to life, audio blasting out.
"I will...remove obstacles to my fun."
The car's engine revved again, testing itself to see if it still worked.
"...You...are one. Die."

And with that, it charged straight for Ryuukaze again.