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  1. Yep. I joined.

    I answer to Goldmarble, Gold, Goldy, Goldie, Marble, Marbs, or Old Crow, Old Bird, Old Guy, etc. You can pretty much call me anything. Except Bob. Fuck that guy.

    Been RPing since 96/97, started in Yahoo Chat user rooms, then when that all self-destructed, picked up D&D with some friends in highschool. After that...not much happened until about 2011 when I started hunting around for somewhere new to haunt. Recently that place became unstable, so I followed some people here. (FOR RENALTA!)

    Pretty much exclusively do group RPs, tempted to try 1x1s, but never have really. Not into romance unless it is natural between the characters.

    Any questions?
  2. Uh, yes. Can i call you Bob? I'm special, afterall. C'mon. You know you wanna say yes.
  3. Lol well welcome to the site how you find you a great Rp to settle in. There are many out there you just have to find the right one. Anyways enjoy!
  4. GOLDMARBLE! Excellent! With you, we can...




    I'll think of something witty later. WELCOME TO THE GREAT MIGRATION!
  5. Hallo there Goldmarble! >:3 Welcome to our abode!
  6. Tempy; No. Brovo is GM Bob.

    Frontline: Thank you!


    Diana: Thank you muchly!
  7. Waffles. There. That's all I can muster.
  8. Raise the dead without the need for necromancers to control them.
  9. *bows* Greetings and welcome to Iwaku. It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance and I hope you have a wonderful time and make many memories here.