Johnson seeks runners for romantic drive through the Redmond Barrens

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  1. Watch your back, Shoot straight, conserve ammo

    I have been wanting to do a Shadowrun / Cyberpunk RP for a while now. I was thinking of our characters being a team of freelance criminals who work for the highest bidder. Our characters would basically be deniable assets, the people hiring them could disavow any knowledge of our actions if we are caught. Something in the flavor of Burn Notice or Leverage with more flexible ethics. Maybe with a hint of Big Trouble in Little China or Black Lagoon.

    For those in the know, I can do either Pink Mohawk (Balls to the wall, over the top, action movie-style) or Mirrorshades and Trenchcoats (Subtle, calculated, and smooth).

    and never EVER make a deal with a dragon. . .
  2. Intriguing. Do you have to have seen those? 'Cause I haven't seen any of them. .___. Otherwise, I'm interested.
  3. You don't have to have seen any of them, but knowing a thing or two about the cyberpunk genre would be helpful
  4. I'm a big Star Wars fan, does that count?
  5. That's more Sci-fi than Cyberpunk, but Republic Commando is pretty close to the feel I'm going for
  6. I love Republic Commando <3 I never stopped playing it. I need to find the second one though..
  7. I don't think there is a second one.
  8. Well if there isn't one there was supposed to be one, if I remember right it was called "Star Wars Republic Commando: The Hunt For Sev". I remember reading it somewhere..
  9. Anyways, do you want to hear more?
  10. Yes please.
  11. Futuristic setting, but no interstellar space travel (yet), Massive multinational corporations (think if Wal-mart, 7-11, Facebook, General Motors, General electric, Exxon Mobil, and Microsoft merged together) control much of the world's resources. For most wage slaves, life is boring, but safe. For the poor, it kind of sucks. But these big corporations are always looking for new ways to get ahead and aren't above using theft, espionage and sabotage to beat their competitors.

    That's where our characters come in, we'd be the ones that the suits hire to do their dirty work. Denyable assets, if we're caught, they will deny ever knowing of our existence.
  12. I like it, I like it well good sir.
  13. What kind of character do you want to play?
  14. I'd play a merc who only wanted money and would turn on his partner if the price was right.


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  15. Sounds like a perfectly valid concept in this setting.

    If you have the guns covered, I think I'll deal with the technical side of things (hacking, etc.)
  16. I am an expert with guns. I just can't remember the dimensions of the ammo.. But I doubt that would matter in this case. That pic was my gear, minus the jelly beans.
  17. RA3_RisingEngineer1.jpg
    My character, a disgraced salaryman trying to work off his debts to the Yakuza
  18. Gee, now I'm gonna feel kinda bad if I have to betray you. Haha.
  19. Let's get some sheets up and running, I'll start

    Alias(es): Deko, Kei Nagumo (fake ID)
    Name: Kato Kumamoto
    Age: 26
    Height: 5'10"
    Weight: 185 lbs.
    Citizenship: Former NeoNet corporate citizen.
    Bio: Born to NeoNet employees, Kato was brought up in the culture of the massive international corporation. The "benevolent" corporation dictated much of his life as he was prepped to take place as a cog in the massive machine that was NeoNet. He was rather gifted with computers, he loved to play with the intricacies of source code and virtual reality. Unfortunately (for the corporation), Kato resented the intrusiveness of the company. He frequently acted out, subtly at first, but becoming bolder as he learned more about computers. When he was 20, he was working his way through a database, intending pull a prank when came across a file he had never seen before. He tried to crack the security but was badly injured by biofeedback from a type of computer security he had only read about in magazines: Black IC. He had accidentally tried to access highly classified information that NeoNet did not want to get out.
    Before he could be brought in, Kato fled, taking whatever he could carry and loading it into his parent's car. He ran from Corporate life and into the shadows. The criminal underworld made up of those that society chews up and spits out, or just plain forgets about. He was lucky enough to scrape out an existence hacking a few accounts, spoofing credit card numbers, and taking the occasional loan from the Yakuza.
    In order to survive he learned to drive using his computer skills, a practice known as Rigging. This not only worked with automobiles, but also combat drones. His EVO "SABRE" was something he took out a loan for, an extra weapon to watch his back while he worked the target system.
    - SafeSpec "Protector" Tazer
    - Colt "Manhunter" Pistol
    - EVO "SABRE" combat drone armed with M541 Light Machine Gun
    - Nissan-Toyota "EITS" Recon drone
    - NanoBit "Fly-spy" micro drone
    - GMC "Conestoga" van
    Cybernetic Augmentations
    - Reaction Enhancers
    - Vehicle Control Rig
    - Augmented Reality compatible cybereyes
    Misc gear.
    - Armored Jacket
    - MassiveSoft "Avalon" portable computer
    - Respirator
    - Lockpicks
    - Binoculars
    - Survival Kit
    - Med kit
  20. Name: David Grimm
    Alias: Reaper
    Age: 28
    Height: 5'11"
    Weight: 210
    Bio: David was born into a poverted life, his father was a mere shopkeeper but was taxed heavily by corporations and gangs, his mother begged in the streets and sometimes had to resort to whoring herself just so they could get by. One day a rival gang member payed a visit to the shop and killed his parents for dealing with the gang. That was the day he was recruited into the gang and became a hitman, at the age of just 8. At the age of 14 he got tired of the gang and got the members, which was to say very few, and killed them all with a large bomb. He then became a free lance gun for hire and killed anybody. Easily one of the most expensive mercs out there he also gets the job done where any other merc wouldn't.
    Always has ballistic armor that can absorb light explosions and most small arms fire, its helmet has an advanced HUD that has thermal, night vision, and x-ray modes. It can show ballistics to allow him to ricochet his rounds off surfaces. It also has a zoom mode and camera mode.

    His primary weapons vary as his missions do, he has an arsenal of assault rifles and sniper rifles.
    He always has his signiture pair sidearms, his pair of KRISS KARDS in holsters on his belt in the back.

    And his favorite sidearm in his right thigh holster.

    For melee purposes he has a sword strapped to his back, the handle over his right shoulder.

    And for a last resort, he has a dagger in his right boot.