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  1. Hello everyone!

    I has been ages since I've been to this forum for the last time but now I am back and willing to do some nice roleplays. At first I will tell you a bit about me, so you get a feeling about the what kind of a person I am.

    I am a 23 years old computerscience-student from germany. I love to play Videogames, right now Overwatch is my favourite. If you also like the game, don't be shy to ask me about my Battletag and stuff. It would be great to also make some new online-friends here, while roleplaying! Other than that I am just hoping to have some friendly, light-hearted time with you people and do an exciting roleplay in one of the following settings. But first I will tell you real quick about the way I like to roleplay.

    My replies are usually 1-3 Paragraphs long and I usually write in the third person and past tense. I like posting several times a day, depending on what shift my gf is on. Also, right now I have a break from university, so I should have lots of time to post, even at night. I like to roleplay in PMs aswell as in a thread, as long as you set it up. I don't really have a clue what I have to consider when making one. :3

    So here is the kind of world, I would like to play in.

    My first Idea was to create a setting in the near future where there exist some kind of virtual reality, just like in those animes (SAO, Accel World etc. etc.) You can just log onto the internet, which looks like a huge shoppingmall, where people can entertain themself, buy stuff and even do their officejobs. But the thing that is most popular is the videogame Xaria Online. (Or some other name, that's just something random I came up with.) I have two Ideas for the game but we can discuss this when we get going.

    The other Idea was to play an assassin duo where one of us plays a shadow-magic using supporter and the other person plays some rouge who is good at cutting throats and even better with the help of his supporter. We can also create a world here, be it a futuristic setting or just play in the present.

    If you would like to play one of those scenarios with me, feel free to just post a reply or message me directly. I am looking forward to a few nice messages from you guys. If you are not intereste, I wish you a nice day anyways!
  2. Something similar to Accel World now that's been something I've been searching for
  3. I think the first one looks interesting :D
  4. I'm interested in the first one)
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