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Jinxing it Up

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Rita ArchFena, Nov 8, 2013.


Am I scary!? Maybe Crazy?

  1. Yes

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  2. No

  3. You are not scary just crazy.

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  4. You are perfect!

  1. Hello People/Animals/Furries​
    Good Afternoon! How is everyone? Good, Bad? Let's not jinx them, so don't answer my question unless you are brave. I would feel bad if your day was going so good, then you talked to me, your day just turned for the worst.

    I am a very secretive person, but you can just call me Jinx and try not to think too hard about my real name. But being secretive doesn't mean I am a bad person does it? I can be nice honest! I just accidentally change luck at random times. Don't fault me for it~
    Jinx is the name, is a Jinx a girl or a boy? An animal? Maybe I should just be a mystery. But I am pretty sure I'm a girl. Maybe I shouldn't think about it too much and just be me. Sounds fun!
    Age? Age is a number isn't it? I like numbers, want to see a magic trick with these cards I have here? I can show you how to count to 21 with a Queen and an Ace. Got 22? I got your luck! Got 18? Playing safe is always the best.

    I am not new to the site so to say.... But this is my first account. Hard to explain in my way. Your way would probably be, I was on a shared account that the account holder deleted. I was sad... So I made my own! I don't mind doing any roleplays but I stay away from those "mature" themed ones. Mature isn't all about booty you know! But I don't know anyone who doesn't see it in my eyes so I stay away...

    Oh! Please don't be scared of me. I am not crazy, or weird....or lonely...​
    Want to roleplay?
    Don't be scared! I am honestly innocent!

  2. Hello Jinx! We have another member with that nickname! He's crazy o___o

    So to keep myself from getting confused (trust me, it happens easily) I'm just going to call you Rita, if that's alright with you? :)

    I like your signature! I've never played the game but a friend linked me her intro video (is that what it's called?) and it made me :D face.

    That aside, I guess you already know the ropes but still... 101 links in the Help tab. Message me or any staff member if you have questions/concerns.
  3. No problem. Rita is fine. I'm called Jinx around my town because I am crazy especially when I am on the road and I have competition. Jinx is also the name of my buisness Jinx's Dip Garage. I paint cars for a living.
    Sadly some people say I bring bad luck to them after a race or something.... not the greatest thing to hear huh? Haha but guess we move on.
    Though another Jinx.... wonder if I will meet this opposing man.
    Yeah it is the intro, I haven't played too much of the game though.

    Thanks though!
  4. Hi Jynx!

    I am doing good! Thanks for asking. And also... WHY IS THERE NO CUTE IN THE OPTIONS?!

    Welcome to iwaku~ or in your case... welcome back! :D
    Where youn don't just write stories, you live them~
    Said so in the banner.

    If your new to Roleplaying in this forum refer to this: Roleplay 101

    If you want to know all about the community then read this here: Community 101

    If you want to chat with everyone live go here: Chat
    The general chat is usually where you'll be able to find everyone. Don't be shy and just chat away! Everyone is friendly there. ^^

    There is also a very interesting roleplay that roleplays the History of Iwaku where it can be seen/read here: Mythos
    There is a new Mythos open called Crimson Souls. Its open for all roleplayer who'd like to join, so maybe if you are lucky enough you can be able to be a part of a huge adventure!

    But the links above might be useless since you are not new here and all. Still... I worked hard on these! And its harder when you are on a tablet. D:

    Lol... Anywho.. If you want a new roleplay partner look me up! I always love to roleplay withh new people. :3
  5. Cute Option? Oh my! You are right! But if I put down a cute option, I would be shy of the votes I get.... Hmmm
    Thank you for your welcoming, It was just as warming as the first time. Though to have me own account....


    I could of had one before hand, but I didn't have a computer.... *Quiet Sigh* and to have others wait long periods of time just for a response...

    I would feel Bad!
    *Jumps up and down calmly but excitedly*
    Your links are beautiful~ I shall click on them anyways Primevere. I understand the difficulty on a tablet, so you have my appreciation for just doing what you should do to any who join.
    Efforts not wasted!

    Roleplay partner huh? I shall take you up on that offer~ Can't wait! It should be fun. >:)
  6. Given what I just read, you are just perfect in the realm of Iwaku and I welcome thee! I think your avatar and username are interesting too. :)
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  7. Thank you greatly Crash! Love it on Iwaku!