Jinx and October will be living here now?

Isabella Hime

Winter is coming...
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Isabellas have a few things for you to see! Destructive things that happen here you might get to see someday! All so Asmo better go back to England before it is too late...

This one is awesome..

In this one you see a house just like ours fly up and blow away like a small tent.

Nice one...


These guys are insane.. that close you should be hiding under ground..

This has happened very close to us recently.. The hail was so big it made the pool look as if it was boiling!

Here is the icestorm Isabellas go to see in 2009. It happened right here in this very place!


The same icestorm Isabellas saw.. Was awesome.. and this is for Torsty who does not believe in icestorms.. This explains why we call it a storm!
T ^T
Tornados scare me.. A lot...
Never seen one.. But was close one time when we had a watch for one..
And whenever we get warnings, it scares me big time..
I freak out and imagine the worst. And then curl up and cry silently, imagining everything I haven't done yet in life.

o ^o

Hell yeah! The weather is so boring where I live in Cali. It will be a nice change.
*hugs the coast*. Not sure if I should risk another trip out there now.
Have fun, guys. >:]
Pan, that storm we watched was incredible.
I want to live there more now. xD
you know wat sucks where i live at now is the new tornado alley east coast >.< *angry face*
That storm we had was a small one.. the sky didn't even boil and we didn't even get 50 lightning strikes a minute..
this summer nc hit a all time record for over 22 tornados in a day something about the platonic shift pushed east coast to make it the new tornado alley it sucks
Platonic shift eh? Is that why we suddenly have earthquakes in Arkansas now? Wonder what this means for our winters..
Arkansas has always had earthquakes. It's part of how mountains are formed. The earthquakes have just never been that noticeable in our lifetime to present.

Georgia has a history of earthquakes, too. As a matter of fact, there's a rather significant fault line that runs down some of the Chattahoochee river. ;)

You never really understand the value of life until you've watched as a tornado decimates a trailer park. That might sound cruel to some, but I've seen it happen in person before. It was a very scary thing to have witnessed. Unfortunately for some of those individuals, they weren't in Kansas anymore, and there was no clicking of the heels for them to return.
Glinda moved out. Just me here now.
Isabellas bet Glinda is a skeleton by now.. that movie was made forever ago.. hell even Dorothy is long gone..