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  1. Hello all. You may call me Jessie or any variant of Alexandra(my middle name). I'm nearly twenty years old. I'm beginning to work towards a bachelor's degree in creative writing. I also work part-time. I still have way too much free time though. This looks like a good place to use up my free time on.
  2. Hello Jessie! I am Melancholy, but please call me Mel. I hope you have a nice stay here on Iwaku! ^^
  3. Pleasure to meet you, Jessie.
    Whenever you need a rp, just hit me up! ^^
    have an awesome time here on Iwaku!
  4. Hallo Jesse! Welcome to the site! :D
  5. It's quite nice to meet you, Mel. Thank you!

    It's a pleasure to meet you as well.
    Alright. I will do that.

    Thank you! ^_^
  6. Haha no problem!!
  7. Welcome to the Madness Jessie J xD

    Enjoy your stay please ~