Jessica Jones isn't getting another season. ; 3 ;

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  1. I thought that was obvius? Her entire conflict and nemesis run was completed.
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  2. Not really? lol

    Yeah her nemesis is gone, but there is still one big plot hole that was entirely over looked, and I was hoping would be explained further in a second season. There is still a possibility of conflict in the last few episodes. They made that pretty clear. > 3 >
  3. Jessica Jones is fairly new comic, she had a limited series run. She had ONE big bad. They dealt with him. They played out her story from the comics. The only thing they have to draw on now is her getting pregnant with LC's baby. There is no material to draw upon for a second season. Not to mention her series was a psychological thriller based around Purple Man in its entirety. It didn't really lend it self to a second season.
  4. You need to go rewatch it then. I'm not going to further argue with you on this. ^^;
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  5. She'll be part of the Defenders, though, so it's not like we won't be seeing Jessica Jones again.
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  6. The only conflict left for Jess is the dramabomb one involving Luke, and honestly, I don't see them using it until The Defenders has made their play. It'd be kinda shitty if she appeared for the joint-team-up series, only to preggo or have a baby with her. Then she'll be regulated to babysitter status, or we'll have some shitty "RESCUE THE KID!" cliffhanger episodes.

    If anything, I see Jessica Jones becoming a recurring team-up (like she is in the comics), particularly for Daredevil. In DDS2, I think she may appear in an episode or two as a bodyguard for Matt Murdock, hired by Claire or someone who thinks Matt needs someone to watch him (since The Punisher is hunting for him, and I think Frank is gonna figure out who the Devil of Hell's Kitchen really is. That's how comics drama works.)

    Then she'll make an appearance in another episode or two or five for the solo Luke Cage series. They'll bang more, and have lots of drama-llama.

    I don't think she'll show up for Iron Fist, unless Luke makes an appearance (HE BETTER!!!), and even then, only in a single episode.
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  7. Yeah! I get that. I mean at least we'll see her again. o 3 o

    I was just hoping they would expand on that whole shady organization that Trish's mom had files from? I don't really remember the name of it, but they didn't really go anywhere with that (to an extent). I was hoping that would become the next conflict, along with Jessica having to adapt to being needed as a "superhero" of sorts as the next conflict for the series. A guy can dream though right? xD

    Now I'll just watch DareDevil while I wait for the next Defenders stuff to come out.

    Pretty sure that's going to be Luke Cage's plot. I think we're going to find out IGH gave him powers, and he's going to dive into that investigation to find out how his wife knew, why she hid it from him, how Kilgrave knew his wife, and learn what else she kept from him (on that USB stick).
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  9. The IGH does not hold enough water or importance for Jessica a charachter, she was a freak accident. They paid her bills becouse it was their truck/chemicals. And as Seiji said, it's likely a luke cage plot becouse was a actual experiment.
  10. *hugs Moon Knight tightly and lovingly*

    If you get a series of your own, you damn well be the best ever superhero Series :(.
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  11. The article, btw, didn't state that there wasn't going to be a second season...

    Just that it hadn't been picked up for a second season yet, because reasons.
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  12. It's probably going to be like what they do with Sherlock. A new series every few years

    Does that mean I'm actually gonna be stuck watching Daredevil? Ugh probably. -_-
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  13. I thought the series wrapped up nicely. The IGH thing wasn't interesting to me.
  14. Everything I wanted to say was already said. So I'm wasting your time by having you read this crap. Cheers.
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  15. Just finished the show myself.

    Being perfectly honest I thought the endings for both Daredevil and Jessica Jones to be building up to potential sub-plots in future Avenger movies.
    Though, if Daredevil has a confirmed season 2, and there's also a Luke Cage series coming out that works too. XD

    Admittedly I'm a little annoyed that both series take place in the same city of Hells Kitchen and they never met up.
    Though they actually did explain that around the end of Jessica Jones... Hopefully something makes it happen in Luke Cage or DD season 2 though.

    Also, I think for all intents and purposes Luke Cage's series should be seen as Jessica Jones season 2.
    I mean they're taking place in the same universe, and if Luke Cage a big character in Jessica Jones is going to investigate it after the events of Kill Grave?
    Assumingly with Jessica Jones help? It'd a continuation of it in everything but name.

    Just like how Avengers are essentially another Hulk, Iron Man, Thor and Captain America movie without outright stating so.
    It was a continuation of each of their stories in specific time line and universe where they were main characters.
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