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  1. Hey you! Yeah, you! Would you like to become Little Mac's next personal trainer? Or would you rather travel the stars with Princess Rosalina, or Samus Aran? Perhaps you'd like to life a simpler life, and travel across Azeroth with Thrall to help heal its wounds?

    If those initial starter ideas were enough to hook you into reading this paragraph, let me introduce myself. I'm Archmage Jeremiah, or, just Jeremiah for short. I am a HUGE fan of many the Nintendo franchises, Sonic the Hedgehog, and World of Warcraft. Even a bit of Team Fortress 2, if that interests any of you! I'm releasing this request thread in hopes of finding one (or more) new peeps to roleplay inside of these universes with! So, PM me if you'd like to create a plot with me, or if you already have one cooked up in your head, that's even better!

    <EDIT> I am currently looking for League of Legends roleplays as well!


    I am NOT in any shape or form, a fan of anime. I might just be the only person on this site who can say that. So, please. If you wish to RP with me, keep any references of it, or ideas correlating with it, to yourself.
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  2. I'm a massive Nintento fan as well so I'm sure we can work something out.

    Do you happen to be a fan of kid Icarus?
  3. No, sorry. But if you have an idea ready for it, I may be convinced to play along.
  4. Oh cool! Fellow Nintendo fan! Maybe he likes-

    ... *Is Total Anime Trash* Well then I guess I should just duck tape my mouth shut right now...

    Alright, enough joking around. Hiya! I do like me some LoZ and Sonic occasionally. If you got any ideas or would like to hear some of mine, I'd be totally up with working something out. :)
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  5. Yeah, heheh, sorry. I'd love to hear some of your ideas, send me a PM.
  6. Nice banner Jeremiah-kun~
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  7. Would you be interested in doing a mario roleplay?
  8. Oh! I love Sonic! I call dibs on Rose >.<
  9. Alright then! Pass me a PM if you have any ideas in mind, or if you'd like to create one.
  10. Can we do it here then create a thread? my inbox is full o.o
  11. I'd much prefer it if you sent me a PM. I only like for this thread to be used as a way for new people to find me.

    My apologies.
  12. pokes my Triforce-adorned Snout in* Rurr?

    I'm interested.
  13. I would love to, but I need time. I'm still mourning the death of my Pokemon RP. I need a bit of time, but I'll do this if I can. (Please note that the last person I tried this with was sorely disappointed. I ended up forgetting about it.)
  14. I'm completely open for any World of Warcraft RP if you happen to still be looking.
  15. Hell yeah I am! Shoot me a PM.
  16. Hmm how about a horror rp maybe? (Haven't exactly tried the genre out my self but iv'e seen it can be pretty damn cool and intense)

    If not a Sonic roleplay be cool though have you read the Archie comics?
  17. I would love to do a Sonic The Hedgehog RP with you. (Game Universe because the Manga Series wasn't even close to 'Good Quality'!
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