Jeff x Female Liu (Creepypasta) Seeking Dom/Jeff

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  1. Plot is:

    The plot starts out when Jeff and Liu move into the new house with their parents. Jeff is starting to form feelings for his baby sis. Some of them quite sexual, he hasn't acted upon them yet due to he doesn't know if Liu returns the feelings. But when Liu comes to him and confesses she shares the same feelings they act upon them. They choose to keep their 'activities' a secret from everyone. When Jeff snaps and kills his parents he spares Liu only giving her a few scars. Soon Liu's urge to kill becomes stronger and he soon becomes a killer like his brother. She kills people on the way to find her brother. Jeff becomes very possessive of Liu almost to that of a Yandere.

    Things that may be included in this RP

    Slave/Master | Tentacles | Toys | Impregnation | Graphic Violence and Gore | Serial Killers | Crossovers with other Fandoms

    Things I expect from you

    - Don't ditch me, If I see that you are online daily and replying multiple times to an RP and haven't replied to mine in 3 days. I'll assume you aren't interested anymore and will drop you from my list.
    - No one liners, I expect at least a paragraph from my partners.
    -This RP will have sexual situations that will probably not fade to black
    - I want a even amount of plot and smut, so if you just use me as a way to fap, I will drop you like a hot cake and never speak to you again. Just don't do it.
    -Be kind, and speak to me. I'm a nice person and I always love new friends.

    Let me know if you are interested ^,^

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.