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  1. Man, it feels great to be back on Iwaku! I'd like to celebrate my coming back by being in a roleplay!
    I do have an idea, but I am open to any that you guys throw at me! Though keep in mind, I'm a huge romance and fantasy dork <3

    I watched the third season of Digimon (am slowly making my way through the first and second) and am currently watching Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood. I have this idea:

    A group of military rebels (or something, they are all alchemists) try to open up the Portal of Truth, but end up opening a portal to the Digital World, pulling out a single Digimon. This Digimon, feeling threatened, runs off and runs into Edward (Or a different state alchemist, I'm open to OCs) and Alphonse Elric (<3) and they agree to help this Digimon.

    The idea could also apply to Pokemon (squee <3), and grow from that point. I don't normally do fanfiction. so if this is over the top or too dorky, feel free to slap me or something.

    At any rate, PM me if you're interested! I'm willing to play either side. Also, if you have any additional ideas, or want to ask if I'm interested in something else, feel free to post in this thread.

    I look forward to hearing from you~ :)
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  2. Mmmm, Pokemon!

    Did you have any ideas of what to do after the alchemists obtain the Pokemon? It could depend on the individual alchemists' personalities of course, but maybe they're also under attack (for individual charges or to be more unified following a banned religion) from the government/other group and have to train the Pokemon?
  3. Well I had the general idea that the Pokemon/Digimon would help the alchemists along on whatever journey they were on, and get stronger as well. Partner and Digi/Pokmon would grow together.
  4. Ah okay, much like the original games then, with outside elements of course. So there'd be at least two (one character for each player) alchemists travelling together with at least one 'mon each? That leaves room for a lot of potential. Did you have a time era in mind? Or similar to Diginmon and Pokemon as is - contemporary, plus "magical" 'mons?
  5. Yes. This gives both players the chance to play with alchemy and 'mons. :)

    And I don't really have an era picked out. I'm willing to play any era.

    As to the contemporary and "magical" 'mons.. This might be because today is an off day for me, but what do you mean?
  6. I meant that the setting is contemporary, like the animes of Pokemon and Digimon, but obviously have some fantasy elements added in. I used "magical" to describe what the feats capable of the 'mons would be classified in real life, as it is a sort of magic they do, to us at least.