Jealousy, turning saints into the sea...

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  1. ... swimming through sick lullabies...

    Okay, jealousy. We've all dealt with it, becoming jealous ourselves or dealing with lovers who were jealous. In a relationship, how do you handle jealousy? Do you believe that jealousy is a sign of love, or insecurity, or both? Do you open yourself up with your lover and talk about these feelings?

    Are you a jealous lover?
  2. Its obvious me and Vay are both protective of the other and can be jealous at times. I admit it, and he knows it. Its a feeling...people feel...its what you do with/about it that counts.

    ...I don't mind one bit when he is either.
  3. I am very jealous. When another girl hugs my boyfriend, I always imagine myself punching her in the ovaries. >.>; Especially when I know she's doing it just to piss me off.

    Unleeeesss it's one of our few friends that are extremely close to the both of us. I have a really good friend I'd even let use him as a pillow because I can trust her 100%.
  4. Goes without saying that I am jealous of my boyfriend
  5. ... Oh yes.
    I'm actually ashamed of myself sometimes, I ask questions expecting some answer I'll like, I dunno, and then I get upset at the answer. I know I shouldn't but I can't help wanting to wash away evert trace of the person I'm with having been intimate with anyone before. Generally, I rein this in but every now and then, especially when I'm feeling bad about myself, I can get a little too jealous. Ordinarily, I encourage who I'm with to have friends and to act normally, though. I can handle it most days and not get jealous/paranoid whenever they hang out, etc. with another girl.
  6. I'm a horribly jealous individual, and have lost a few relationships to it (though founded the jealousy may be in those cases, and how I found out about their... dealings). It borders on paranoia, always slightly suspecting. Though I... never actually go out and ask, I observe closely and tend to resort to sneaky means to comfort myself and finds out - admittedly worse in the long run, but that's how I do things.

    While I've never resorted to physical violence because of my jealousy, I have resorted to passive-aggressive behavior.
  7. Yup we're both jealous and freely admit to it. Its not a problem since we both understand its unnecessary in the other but also know how the other feels.
  8. not a jealous lover no, considering i've never had the chance to be a lover.

    Jealous of those that find love? you fucking bet your arse i am. i dont like that i am, but its an overwhelming force and its all i can do to repress it.