Jasmine & The Beast (Clem & EvanAlmighty)

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  1. Jasmine screamed as she crashed. The carpet rolled away from her, stuttering before flying off into the dark night sky. She got up, looking up at the tall, ghostly castle in front of her. She tried to wrap herself up but she wasn't wearing much to wrap herself up in. She looked down at her blue pants and blue top.

    She took a few steps toward the castle. She heard barking echo around her. She had landed in the gates of a large, black castle. She noticed the front door and ran toward it. Slamming her fists on the door she scream.

    "Hello? Is anyone there? Hello!"
  2. Lumiere opened the door for the frightened sounding girl against cogsworth's better judgement. The door swung open as the two took up their places on a small nearby table and watched for the girl to enter. The room was otherwise devoid of life the beast being shut up in the west wing
  3. Jasmine ran inside and pulled the door closed behind her. She wrapped her arms around herself as she shivered. She looked around at the dark room, trying to figure out who had opened the door for her.

    "Hello? Is anyone there?" She called again. Slowly she began walking into the castle.
  4. Lumiere said yes at the same time Cogsworth said no and then they had a whispered argument over it still on the doorside table.

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  5. Jasmine ran through the castle, looking for someone. "Hello?! Help me!" She called, hoping that the owner would come out. Only she didn't know about the owner and his... condition. She went to the stairs, climbing them quickly. She sucked in a breath at the cold. This castle was freezing.
  6. Lumiere and cogsworth followed her. Lumiere lit his candles and hopped down a side hall on the ground floor "over here" he called which made cogsworth furious "no we mustn't" he said "the master will be angry" but lumiere ignored him "this way... Over here" he said coaxing the girl down the hall. Lumiere went into the room at the end of the hall and put what passes as his hand into the fireplace to light it
  7. Jasmine ran in, looking at the fireplace. "Thank god." She whispered and ran to the fireplace. She held her hands out and looked around at the place she was in. She pulled the chair over and sat in it. "I am so freaking cold." She muttered and held herself near the fireplace. She wished she could find out who the owner was so she could ask for a room. "Hello?" She muttered again.
  8. "hello" lumiere answered cheerfully from his place on the floor by the fireplace and waved one of his ands to get her attention "and you might be...?" he asked
  9. She shrieked and looked around. "I am Jasmine. And who are you? Are you the owner? I need a room." She asked.
  10. lumiere shook his head "i am only a buttler. my name is lumiere and my master....well he doesnt take kindly to strangers"
  11. "Well I need to talk with him. I can't go anywhere else. I need to stay here for the night." She put her hands on her hips.
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