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Apparently this is going to be the storyline they are using in the reboot of the Spider Man Movie series.
*nods wisely*


Wait. What? What reboot? What the fuck? The first movie isn't even a decade old and they're already starting over? And which version? The tokusatsu or manga?

Edit: Nevermind that last question. Fucking work computers.
Wait..... I am so confused....

Oh, I forgot, it's the Japanese.... I wouldn't be surprised if they were just doing it for shits and giggles.
I dunno, I think americans a bit too familiar with the classic spider man's origin to go for the whole "Planet spider" stuff.
As long as he doesn't do the Saturday Night Fever Strut.

Ever again.
can't the Japanese make one show that doesn't have giant robots in it?
"Stan Lee, in an interview conducted by Toei, stated that he enjoyed the way Spider-Man was done, especially with Leopardon and the way that it was filmed. He also stated that he was invited by Toei to do a future sequel to Spider-Man with him doing the storyline."

It appears so, but he's weird, so it's okay.