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  1. This is what me and Tegan did, instead of having actual conversation in the restaurant.

    "You expect me to talk?
    No, Mr Bond. I expect you to dine!"

    Doctor Dough
    From Russia with Loaf
    Rolled Finger
    Thunder Bowl
    You Only Live Rice
    On Her Anchovy's Secret Service
    Almonds Are Forever
    Live and Let Chai
    The Man with the Golden Bun
    The Pie Who Loved Me
    For Your Fries Only
    Never Say Kefir Again [removed from the menu following complaints]
    A Roux to a Kill
    The Living Egg Whites
    Licence to Dill
    Tamale Never Dies
    The World Is Not Stay Puft
    Thai Another Day
    Burrito Royale
    Quantum of Olives


    Great Migrationers suck.
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  2. What about liver and thai?
  3. I don't suck.

    I blow. ;D

    Also burrito royale sounds fucking terrifying.
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  4. Those are pretty great.
    Love you too. <3
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  5. That was excellent.
  6. That's true love right there: Fucking about with the dinner menu, without fear of cruel reprisal or judgement.
  8. Quantum of Olives. Nice. XD
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  9. Nice thread prefix.
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  10. There's an 'Asmobutt' thread prefix? xD
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  11. You two were made for each other <3
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  12. shhhh

    that goes in the iwaku shipping. spree thread!
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  13. Reminds me of the time my Politically Incorrect uncle made a menu for a Nazi-Themed breakfast diner; "The Luftwaffle"

    Always lost it at "Swasticky Buns"
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  14. I want to hear more from this guy.
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  15. As do I

    Did he have a recipe for concentration crepes?
  16. The Rommel Noodles were popular, but there were some issues with the Anne Frankfurters.
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  17. what about the atomic bolonga sandwiches
  18. Germany never got nuclear weapons you dolt!

    Was there any SScargo Toellner?
  19. fine

    how about Blitzkreig Bonbons?
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