Jackson Davis

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  1. Just that Jackson is a down on his luck dope slinger just trying to live his life. He is trying to move a lot of stuff but his guy cracked out on him and he is left with a lot of hash and nothing to do with it. He is also on the brink of being homeless due to his landlord selling the place and the new landlord is kicking him out in a week.

    -Please no op or god ocs
    -Please no forced smut
    -Please do not be an ass hat
    -Have a good time
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  2. - A young man stands against a brick wall with a cigarette in his mouth, he holds his flip phone to his ear and talks- Wolfe you fucking let me down you ass bag... -He stood at about 5'9 and looked to be rather thin. He wore a black zip up hoodie, a blue skull cap, dark blue jeans, and a pair of worn out nikes. He had some stubble on his face but nothing like a beard; he looked around at people his light blue eyes scanning the crowd-